With Xp pay in shop, if the BatlePass complette

We have nothing free Perks more, if we we have the Gampepass complette. We can not save the Xp like in MCC. I dont want wait of next Batelpass at Mai. With Xp pay in shop, would be very motivating.

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  1. This is the longest BP, so the others will be half this time

  2. This is why exp boosts should be removed, pointless items and more customisation items are always better.

  3. MOST IMPORTANT! the store shouldn’t be how it is regardless. It to EXPENSIVE and should not be changed just for those who complete the BP.

THE STORE SHOULD BE CHEAPER BY A HUGE MARGIN. Or at least a decent way to earn credits throughout the game not just by beating the BP.

Every ultimate weekly could easily give 500credits

Ah XP boosts in shop.

Why play a game to progress your Spartans when you can just buy your way to progression. I mean think about it you don’t even have to play the game anymore


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