With skill jumps returning: anyone think we need an actual mechanic?

Skill jumps are one of those things that require practice but I think we need an actual mechanic for them, not just the movement mechanic but a map marker.

My suggestion is to take ques from games like dying light 2, and other free runner games and add markers for skill jump areas as well as a “advanced movement” course to the training mode. these would teach simpler skill jump movement and make those obvious on maps while allowing for more complex ones to remain hidden and things for players to find and feel smart about.

First off lets go with the markers, based on map type the markers would be different having a both a color and visual marker to make them obvious.

Example ideas

UNSC: green or yellow paint with do not step written on it.

Forerunner: A blue green glow inlet in to the map has an upward flow.

Banished: a yellow/red glow, set in to the map looks like infusion jell

misc: plant mater, or green markers

Across all: lighting lights would always be near intentional skill jump locations.


Apparently on redit this is seen as a bad idea… but it is just a training area and map markers. How is that a bad idea.

No. Games these days have too much hand holding, I’d rather less hand holding and let players discover and improve on their own.

You may call this gatekeeping but I see this as an opportunity to add a desire to explore and experiment. We don’t need markers everywhere for people to know a skill jump exists.

In fact, most people who play the game normally perform just fine not knowing or using skill jumps. Adding markers to catch their attention may make them feel pressured to perform skill jumps every time which may or may not be beneficial in a given situation.

If you absolutely want such a marker then your suggestions are all artifical and unnatural. Do what PoP and AC or Warframe does where places you can parkour or scale have worn down paint or scratch marks.


This isn’t hand holding though this is basic information. There is a diference. and yeah that is gate keeping that is I like the mechanic but I don’t want other people to be able to use it, which is just bad.

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No, not wanting people to use it will be hiding it and shushing any youtuber who makes guides. In fact, most Halo youtubers all show guides on how to make skill jumps, all the way from back in Halo 2.

With this much community support and guidance, people who refuse to google “how to make x jump” shouldn’t be able to make it, nor will putting a glowing marker get them to make the jump. They just aren’t interested.

You don’t see League of Legends highlighting every single wall that can be Flashed over, people are directed to youtube to look for guides on that. Not everything needs to be IN YOUR FACE like DotA 2’s River Warding positions, marked by an eye icon.

There’s so much hand holding a game can do until it becomes intrusive and reduces from the experience rather than add to it.

Like I said, if you absolutely must have skill jump “markers” these will be much less intrusive:


YEah that is gatekeeping.

I am not reading past your second line as you think people should be forced to use outside sources for their games.

So apparently gatekeeping = not having 80% of the HUD filled with UI prompts. Cool.
Bet you are one of those people who denounce Souls games for having no prompts on where Illusion Walls are or no waypoint markers clogging your screen.

Good riddance to rubbish.


Skill jumps would be great in the game especially with a dedicated training mode to teach them to newer players. I’ve always been a fan of the ghost ledge jumps in Halo 3.

Wouldn’t have actual markings on the map itself though. Little too cluttered and fairly unecessary in my mind.

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I don’t see anything wrong with an additional section in the training mode that teaches you about jumps.

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I don’t think they need to add markers to the maps, but you could make your own tutorial versions of the maps in Forge mode and share them with the community on your file share in the distant future.

Agreed. To me the less HUD, the better. Especially for open world games.

That said, for shooters, I wouldn’t mind a separate training section that tells you “hey look, you can do this and that”. That seems a better option to me than adding more HUD.

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But this idea isn’t adding hud, it is art on map and a tutorial.