With Halo 5 quickly coming, Let's look back! 7 Yrs

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I’m starting up a new channel based around my alter ego the “Crimson Tie” who helps with local charities, crime watch, getting kids involved with the community and various other programs in the area (in a themed costume of course).
I started my channel in hopes of being sponsored in the future and generating revenue for the less fortunate :smiley: It’s a pipe dream at best, but I’m giving it a shot.
Anyway, I’ve got two Halo Vids for you today, the first one is my Ninja Montage, which features some of my favorite Ninjas over the last 7 years spanning over all games. Let’s take a look back into the past! Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 4.
Crimson Tie Halo Series Ninja Montage - YouTube
The next Vid is a montage of my favorite Glitches, Betrayals and Trolls. Some weird stuff happens in this vid! Haha.

Beyond this content, I have lots more halo vids coming out in the future, MineCraft videos, Elder Scrolls Online, Current Events, Weapon Reviews, Crank Calls, and more!I hope you’ll enjoy the content. If so, please like and subscribe! It really does means a lot. :slight_smile: