With cyberpunks successful anime

A few of my different friend circles and ofc the occasional content creator has been discussing cyberpunks successful anime and the successful revitalization of the game through the anime.

I think people are missing a lot of the things that made the anime successful. They stuck to canon and the didn’t mess with characters that did cross over.

If halo was to adopt another anime, not a collection but a linear series. Where would you want it to go? ODST? A collection of Spartan sacrifices starting with Kurt as the premier episode?

Do you think an Anime could Help halo if it’s successful; or do you think the consistent delays and misleading phrasing are doing a lot more damage?

Could Anime be the answer to reviving games that are dead or abandoned like Anthem?

A personal thought, I think maybe? Overall? A lot of people liked Legends. Anthem was supposed to get a TV show like thing before… Ya know… And with games like titanfall, expanded lore via animation could be exactly what people could fall into. Especially those who aren’t good enough to enjoy games like we do.

i dont think it’s anime it self, i think it was just some people who genuinely like the game and wanted to make their own story but still wanted it to feel apart of the games world without disturbing the games story.

I think the Cyberpunk anime was also well timed, as it was after the game had been fixed (and came with new content to tie into the anime). The show alone isnt what saved cyberpunk.

I mean, in a way, the Halo show should have been the same thing for Halo. It should have been a reminder of how great halo can be. Instead we got a terrible adaptation which 343’s all over a well established timeline.

Anime itsel isnt the solution but I can see how it can make game adaptations easier to pull off than live action.

A show woldn’t save Anthem without the devs actually putting in the work to fix the game. Similarly it would need a good story that shows off why people should care about the IP. Anthem always felt like a destiny clone, making it quite the uphill battle.

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Cyberpunk Edgerunners was my first anime I’ve watched, and the first time I cried from a show

That being said, yes I 100% agree, it was a perfect adaptation without needing to change anything about the game

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what?!! i know this is about how halo could’ve made a better show but How is edgerunners your first anime?! you never halo legends because that counts, or pokemon or yugioh?

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Never watched them, I only know Halo Legends from pictures never watched it in my life but after Edgerunners I might have to give Halo Legends a watch

I was just never big into Anime just wasn’t my interest until Edgerunners changed that

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wow not even legends? the idea of an official animated halo show has to interest even the most novice halo fan, are you new to halo? i know this shouldn’t matter but im curious how you manged to not see any other anime be for edgerunners.

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What? I’ve been playing Since 2004, I don’t know how not watching Halo Legends means I’m new to Halo? I just never had any interest in Anime because it wasn’t my type of preference.

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im sorry, i guess you dont need to be into the lore to be a fan but it’s still surprising to me because when i first got into halo, around reach, i wanted to know and see anything halo related. i was just a kid at the time and halo had a lot more going on than just the books or games in 2004.

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Am that game aint ever gonna be fixed.
Reinstalled it on series x got trapped in my appartment
Trapped in an elevator.
Went to bang stout.
Trapped in motel rooom
Fell through the ground in pacifica fighting a cyberpsycho
All the while constantly saw npcs clipped into wall or thinking they are plants and sprouting from the earth.
Weapons and clothing vanished at random quest dialogue options not there.
Not to mention it still aint even an rpg.

That all said another halo anime would be great if you had a good studio and writer.
And 343i had as much influence as they do on troy or kelly.