With Cortana gone, what is the status of the other Created?

I’m curious what other people think about this. With Cortana gone what is gping on with the rest of the Created movement? I personally would imagine that there are certainly some still put there working with the Warden-Eternal or something to continue their mission. But what do others believe?


It’s possible they haven’t gone anywhere. Until we get confirmation from outside Zeta Halo they could go with anything.

How do you know Cortanas gone? The only people who told us that is the Weapon who had amnesia and Cortana herself. Everybody on Zeta Halo is out of the loop and lost in space.

For me, if Microsoft came in and asked me to completely wipe the slate clean; I’d have destroyed the Domain. They need it to live. But there’s no suggestion of that. The plan was to trap Cortana on Zeta Halo and then capture her. So far they haven’t mentioned what the plan was to deal with the Domain, Created and Warden. Which means it hasn’t been dealt with until we are told otherwise.

My guess is that there is going to be some sort of twist involving what’s going on in the wider Galaxy. Because otherwise why leave it a mystery? Halo Wars had a similar setup where they were oblivious to the Guardians. Could be something involving time travel as well.

So I think Chief was not given the full details by Halsey and Laskey. Cortana is in the Domain. She might have had a shard or portion of herself on Zeta Halo; but that’s where she is. The plan was to first capture that portion and then use it to attack the rest of her in the Domain with that acquired knowledge. Cortana mentions “was this your plan all along Halsey”. So perhaps they wanted to combine that knowledge with the Weapon. A blank slate with all the accumulated knowledge Cortana had would be her equal and be able to potentially wrest control of the Domain from her. What we see sounds like stage 1 of a plan that failed.

Meaning the Cortana we see die was a shard trapped on Zeta Halo which goes through this trauma of losing the Chief and does genuinely have a change of heart. She’s the one we see die: but to trap her they cut her off from the Domain. Which means Cortana in the rest of the galaxy did not have this heel turn. In fact she might think the Chief is dead and become even more determined to impose the Mantle.

So the twist is, we never defeated Cortana and the Chief might actually get another chance to save Cortana. There is concept art of the Chief/Weapon opposing Cortana. 343 did consider this in the story. So at some point the Created would find Zeta Halo and send an army whilst the Endless/Banished also rise as a threat to the Galaxy.

This also means seeing Cortana die still serves a narrative purpose because:

  1. It demonstrates there is still good in Cortana
  2. The Weapon learns the experiences which made Cortana go good. Perhaps she ends up sharing that.
  3. They make it much more apparent that saving Cortana would be a positive outcome since it’s Chiefs biggest failure.

Now. Season 2 multiplayer trailer comes out and there’s all these crashed Guardians on Earth; well I’ll look very foolish with this post. :smile: If instead, they’re all full Battlestar Galactica hiding from Guardians; yeah…

I mean the canonfodder article on civilian ships talks about some of them being drafted into military service. Why bother establishing lore for that if it’s no longer relevant? That does point to the status quo being unchanged from the end of Halo 5.


The created can’t be destroy by the death of Cortana, it would be non sense. Each AI is independent and there is the Warden Eternal to lead them in the worst case.

So you saying that a AI in the domain can be kill only if the domain is destroy ?
For what I understand, an AI can control every forerunner technology in the galaxy from the Domain, but if she quit the domain to go physicly somewhere, she’s vulnerable.
Cortana had to go physically on the Halo Zeta to do what she had to do, exposing her to the Halsey’s plan and she really died

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Yeah it’s presented as if she’s Skynet who is a single intelligence controlling everything. So if she’s gone then everything is solved. But even a Promethean Soldier has sentience much less the Created and the Warden. They’re closer to the Geth than Skynet. So it’s possible our characters are just oblivious.

Why would she need to leave the Domain in her entirety though? Plus if she did why would she have been on her own with a single Guardian? It raises too many questions.

Also Chekovs gun. When we get the Weapon it’s mentioned that they pick up the framework they used to trap Cortana. Why would they need that? There is concept art of Chief/Weapon opposing Cortana. Yes, could be how they deal with Offensive as well; but food for thought.

I reckon either the Weapon is Cortana and she took her place; wiping her own memory. Or, the Cortana we saw die was a copy Cortana made as bait to try and trap the Chief. She didn’t seem too concerned when she was supposedly trapped in the SA until she realised it was Atriox; what if she did know they were coming? In which case Cortana is still in the Domain and just has no idea where Zeta Halo is.

It just seems extremely weird to have her killed offscreen before the game starts. Plus there’s a lot of weird conveniences. If Cortana was trapped how could she destroy the SA, why would the Weapons deletion programme start without Chief, how could Cortana move the Weapon out of the SA onto the path she set. How does the plan go without a hitch despite the Banished attacking the Infinity.

I’m not agree with the Skynet thing, just kill Cortana can’t kill or neutralise every AI . Maybe Cortana is the only AI who have access to the domain, so kill her will take away their access to the domain to the other AI, but they are still powerfull AI able to fight.

So your theorie is that a fragment of her stay in the domain and will always resurect her ? That would make any AI in the domain eternal, I found that a little too easy

We don’t know exactly how the weapon trap Cortana, we just know that after that, Cortana deleted the supression program of the weapon, let a message to Chief and fire on the Silent Auditorium. I see only two possibilitie to that :
1 she do it with the domain like you said
2 She was able to do all that from the Silent Auditorium, but her “spirit” wasn’t able to leave the place, making her defendless against a physic attack

The more important aspect to take in count is the invisible one : 343 Industrie. The Cortana arc hadn’t success, so they are trying to move on. Maybe she will reappear in other books, but she had no chance to reappear in Halo Infinite, player are tirer of this resurection thing

In the Halo Encyclopedia it’s mentioned that other AI exist within the Domain with Cortana. This is the source of their cure for Rampancy so they need it to survive. It’s possible that without Cortana they might lose control or access to the Domain. But then you have the Warden who should retain this knowledge and seemed to have been programmed to continue with her plan.

Which means the UNSC would be committing genocide BTW if it had succeeded in killing all the Created. If you’re one of those people who thinks killing the Geth was bad then…yeah.

At the end of Halo 5, Exuberant Witness gets control of Genesis. That didn’t end with Cortana being trapped. The Warden certainly acts like Cortana can be removed from the Domain. But the depiction seems like she’s just reaching out to all these devices across the Galaxy from within the Domain; not physically leaving. Plus, she can split herself into multiple instances and make copies of herself. I am just saying, what we are told on this is very hand wave.

I think that would be a mistake on 343 part. The drama came from the Chief trying to save Cortana and the narrative thread that “oh if she turned good maybe she could save the Galaxy”. Army of anti flood robots. Logic Plague. Accord between AI and humans. Etc etc. That’s all down the drain if this is a hard retcon. Like we are actually less likely to get the Flood because of this change. You mention people being tired of the resurrection. The point is the Chief is trying to save Cortana and failing. Infinite simply writes a line under that; but has basically nothing to replace it with.

Instead, you’ve given the Chief a replacement where he can legitimately say “she never did anything wrong”. It just puts the character back into a boring status quo which feels unearned and really dampens any drama. You have no attachment to the character. That’s sweeping things under the rug.

I don’t consider putting down an endangered species and some floating squids with a freaky nervous system to be that interesting. They’re going to fire the Halo Ring in the middle of nowhere and Chief stops them. That’s not exactly grand or original. It’s like Halo Wars 2 a very small plot with a bunch of mystery boxes.

Also cutting an entire faction is not a good move. For one they didn’t have a replacement for the Prometheans in the main game. Secondly, Halo isn’t a particularly large canvas anyway. Destiny has four enemy factions and it manages that fine. Why should Halo only have the Banished and the (eventually) Endless? Are the Banished really going to spend ten years fumbling around on this Halo ring?

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One other possibility I was thinking about is if there’s a parallel being drawn between the Forerunners/Endless and Humanity/Created.

Particularly when Despondent Pyre says of the Forerunners that -

“Their greatest fear was losing their power. The fear of a master who would become a slave.”

As a result of this the Forerunners take the arbitrary decision to seal the Endless away for all time so they can never be a threat.

It could be that either humanity (somehow) sealed the Domain, trapping all Created inside it and imprisoning them for Eternity like the Endless. Or, there is a policy of terminating every Smart AI. Maybe even both. The decision having been made that they are too dangerous to live and should be deleted.

This does match what we see in game. The Weapon is supposed to be deleted. We don’t have any indication Roland was the AI of the Infinity and we seem to only hear Dumb AI in the audio logs. In those same logs Halsey is very insistent that Cortana should be “deleted” and takes the time to dispute his use of the term “execute”. The implication being that most people don’t consider AI to be really people and so the morality doesn’t apply. That’s a chilling sentiment.

Likewise the fact the Chief is prepared to kill the Weapon, presumably following a set policy, indicates that this has become a routine or normalised act. So it’s not because she’s a Cortana model AI that has him concerned; it’s that she’s a Smart AI in the first place.

The main reason against this is all the promotional material has been about Hope optimism and humanity being good; exemplified in the UNSC. Having the UNSC turn bad, even temporarily, runs counter to that. Like if they trapped an entire race in the Domain for Eternity that would make them no better than the Forerunners and what they did to the Endless.

Who knows.

343 doesn’t wanna give any Info about these story details via the game ( unless they are saving it for DLC which is still annoying ) and it’s ridiculous.

They got time to have 250,000 lines of Dialogue for the Pilot being a scaredy cat about “mUh Banished aRe gUnNa GeT uS” and “wHaT caN yOU dO wIThH oNlY oNE bUlLeT” and the weapon chatting about this and that, but nothing aboutThe Created and other important other story notes.

Lack. Of. Priorities.

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