With all these Cores

Some/most of us now have five cores. All of which are pretty awesome. This collection will only grow with time, someday I hope to see a random core option that will either select one of my cores at random upon starting a match or another option that with every respawn selects a different core. That way we can show off our cores easier.

Maybe if this option gets implemented one day it should be disabled for ranked so you can still target.


I kind of hope they have a plan instead of just releasing more and more cores… Could you imagine trying to get to a specific one when you have like 10-15 cores.

Same with coats and gear pieces.

It’d be so damn slow lol…

And most are ugly too.

Very limited customization on the event gears.
They use their own shaders/ visors and only possess a handful, erc


I definitely see these fracture cores coming around for another season but with new rewards. I doubt they could come up with one or two cores every season.

But if they do I’d love to respawn every death as a different core.

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People talk a lot about the FOMO in this game with the store rotations and the weekly challenges.

What hoppens if you’ve heard good things about the game and deicde to check it out for the first time today - you can never get the Yoroi core?

It’s true the Yoroi core is currently unavailable to those who didn’t unlock it during the six weeks we had.

I definitely see them bringing back that fracture event in a future season with all new rewards, especially if this game picks up again. There were lots of datamined items for the Yoroi core that were never released. And with all the datamined items for the Eaglestrike core I doubt they’ll all be available to us this season.

Honestly think this is a terrible idea.

  1. It encourages cores which is inherently limiting the maximum amount of armor combinations one can have.
  2. Randomly changing cores midgame seems like a waste of development time, and counter-intuitive.
  3. Sort of same as 2… but it just seems gimmicky.

Cores increase the complexity of customization, and not in a good way. Keeping track of what core has what, having rewards linked to a specific core that a particular player may not like at all, are examples of serious hinderances that are absolutely not necessary.

As a developer myself: Honestly, cores seem like the game was designed around the artists perspective… not the players or developers. Seemed like some lead designer was like “If we can use cores then we can curate better cosmetics since we don’t need to worry about cross-compatibility with other cosmetics.” – Seems like same logic was used for coatings as well. Which in theory sounds reasonable, but in practice all it does is compartmentalize creativity… which in turn makes it feel less creative and unique… which is what players want. It also creates more of a production load on designers and less versatility to customization in general. It would have had more initial startup costs for developing a system able to be this versatile… but it would be a no-brainer because the benefits are essential exponential. Where as the former is more of a linear growth.

This is why it is so frustrating to see this. These are all things someone should have considered during the many meetings they likely had during development. In addition, this over-sight or lack of good managerial decision making is probably also due to bad/ignorant leadership or their model of importing 3rd party developers all working on different parts of the game. Again, this is all noticeable from just looking at it’s current state.

Someone at some point should have pointed out that, while the cores and coatings allow designers to make more intense cosmetics, this creates a higher demand on designers and slows their production rate for new content – a reason I suspect the game was (in part) so slow out of the gate at giving more content. It also adds more operational costs to your live service game, when those resources should be more allocated to gameplay, modes, forge, events, and promotions. I suspect this was a bad hunch that players would be satisfied with this… but now it’s not and now they are paying the cost of going back to the drawing board – AGAIN… which is why things are being pushed and pushed.

This is all my speculation.

I don’t mind the core concept.

I think coatings and visors should be cross core but I don’t care about the actual armour pieces. (I guess they need to figure coatings out before anything else.)

I also don’t want to get two new cores every season, so I don’t know.

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I’ve been excited one moment to get a cool armour piece or shader, only to see it was for a core I never use because I only have the parts I unlocked during the event. I’m still using the Mk 5 core like I’m still playing Reach, and I just want to use the silver visor from my Mk 7! They’re not unique enough to justify the exclusivity, and they’re so locked down I have even less incentive to get new parts, because then I’d have to abandon my Collar and CQC shoulder just for a knee I think looks cool on Yoroi. It’s a mess, and I don’t think I’m buying anymore cosmetics until I can actually use them where I want.

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