Witcher 3 vs Fallout 4. Which did you like more?

I bought Witcher 3 and the season pass back during Christmas’ Xbox Live sale, and I spent February-June playing that masterpiece.

What a game!

What amazing DLC!

The graphics are so beautiful, the landscapes are so beautiful, the character models are so beautiful, the quests are so much fun. Hell even the sidequests are a ton of fun to do.

Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine DLC packs are two of the finest pieces of DLC ever created, and arguably the best story DLC you can by for a video game. Bottom line by the end of it all I…WANTED…MORE!

So I picked up Fallout 4 last week to fill my RPG needs thinking it would be at least somewhat of a great game, but holy cow this game lacks hardcore compared to Witcher 3.

First it graphically it looks last gen upscaled. The dialogue is terrible, monotone, and feels elementary at best.

The quests so far (I’m about 7 hours in now) are boring at best, and I don’t feel the desire to see what is next really. Overall the experience hasn’t been bad, but I think I was spoiled big time with Witcher 3.

Honestly…Fallout 4 feels boring.

If you haven’t played Witcher 3…and you are an adult…I highly recommend that game so much.

If you are planning on playing Fallout 4 and Witcher 3, please do Fallout 4 first.

I am just now playing Witcher as well, love the game, the real difference for me between Witcher and Fallout (and for that matter the Elder Scrolls games) is the combat. Combat in Witcher feels great, and fights seem to me to require skill as well as timing. Maybe I just never got into the Fallouts or Oblivion or Skyrim, but I always just felt like I was repeatedly whacking a wall with a stick in those games. Also, if you enjoy Witcher, they are based off of some excellent books of the same name by a Polish author, I highly recommend them.

If you’re not playing Fo4 with mods, then just don’t play at all, it’s terrible without them.

The only way to play that game without mods is an FPS, explore, loot, and kill. Download a full dialog text mod so you don’t have the generalizations for your options. It’s not a perfect fix, and it’s still not that great of an RPG, but hey it is better.

Also download the unofficial patch, if you have the money I’d recommend getting Far Harbor as well the writing is actually good compared to vanilla.

Tons of mods require Automatron to work so consider getting that as well if you want to the most out of the mods.

Witcher 3 is the better RPG and plays similar to Dark Souls, so I like it.

I love Witcher 3 but haven’t played Fallout 4 yet

Fallout 4 with mods is almost unbeatable.

Ive played Witcher 3 but couldn’t get into it. It my first witcher so that might be the issue.

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> Fallout 4 with mods is almost unbeatable.
> Ive played Witcher 3 but couldn’t get into it. It my first witcher so that might be the issue.

It’s definitely the best in the series, combat and story, the old games played really terribly. It has the worst beginning however, just keep playing, the game picks up after Velen and partly through Novigrad.

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> good Halo topic well done

Yep, because whats more Halo than the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

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witcher is amazing but i prefer fallout 4 just because i prefer shooters and like the setting