Wishlist for items in Halo Infinite Forge

What is some particular items you wish for in the Halo Infinite Forge? I would not mind seeing things like drivable Seraphs, drivable Pelicans, and definitely want to see the Mammoth as well. And when it flips, the original phrase “Hold X to flip… Wait… How did you do that?” comes up. Maybe a drivable Scarab? I would love a scarab battle.

Note: When I say “items” I am asking about objects. Not Game modes. So I don’t need any mentions of things like Big Team Battles, or Battle Royale, or CTF, etc. Examples in the current Halo 5 Forge would be Static NPCs, Pelicans, Warthogs, Battle Rifle, Halo 1 Pistol, Etc. Thanks!

Scarab could be fun.
Mammoth not so sure.
I would like to be able to use Covenant vehicles like the brute chopper or the drop ship (for machinima purpose if Elites are back as playables characters).

Spawnable AI

drivable pelican, phantom/spirit and elephant

the biggest forge world imaginable

AI spawns

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> Spawnable AI

Now this would be amazing. Maybe do what COD MW does and allow A.I. enemies? I usually don’t like recommending things that is in a COD game to be placed in a Halo game. But A.I. enemies would be good for those playing without Xbox Live Gold to enjoy Forge and enemies as well!

A high number of forge canvases to keep the diversity of custom maps