Wishes for spartan ops season 2

With spartan ops season one coming to a close, I would like to say 343, bravo! I really enjoyed playing it. You did an outstanding job. The first half of the season had it’s ups and downs, but the second half was just outstanding and a huge improvement.

With that said, there are somethings I would like to see in some of the missions to come.

  1. Splitting up. Wouldn’t it be cool if you and you team had to split up in a mission and then reunite later on? It can help you work together better instead of running off.

  2. More action! Those first person seems that the game controls, I would like to see more of those. For example, the team splits up and two are in a pelican and the other two are on foot. The pelican is hit and the two jump out. They jump towards a ledge and the other two run out and grab them and pull them up. That would be cool. This also seg-ways into my other request.

  3. Air Vehicles- We didn’t get this in MP, so maybe this can be made up in spartan ops. Like we get picked up in falcons and driven around an area to clear out.

  4. Being able to work with the main characters of spartan ops. So I’m basically saying I want to play missions where I work with Palmer, and Majestic.

So yeah, it would be cool to have some of these.

Scarab battles.


Falcons, Hornets.



Invasion style objectives.

You know… all the missing stuff.