Wish List (Feel free to add your own)

Here’s a list of things I wish for in the future.

Advanced Motion/Interaction/Object Settings

  • When Player 1 interacts with Object Group 1, set Object Group 1 to Motion 1, forming Object Group 1 Phase 2. - When players around Player 1 meet a set requirement, permit them to follow within a set radius and/or conditions. - Disallow players outside of set radius and/or conditions from retaining Object Group 1 Phase 2 form. - Revert back to Phase 1 if set to do so when disallowed players are within range or do not meet the set conditions.Minimal Example (Spoilers)

Advanced Weapon Settings

  • Rate of fire (Constant/Laser, Automatic, Singular Shot) - Projectile form - Spread - Skin (w/Optional Lock) - Magazine Capacity - Effect (Explosive, Residual, Standard) - Advanced Effect (Cluster, Single-fire burst) - Specific Damage Values - Physical Effects (Knockback on Opponent) - RecoilAdvanced Vehicle Settings

  • Acceleration - Top Speed - Physical Effects (Knockback on Opponent) - Recoil (Turret Fire, Interaction with Objects/Vehicles) - Maneuverability (Turning Speed, Tail Motion, Terrain Specifications) - Damage Resistance - Specific Damage Values (Turrets, Roadkill) - Seat Switching (Animation Speed, Disabled/Enabled) - Seat Resistance (Driver Resistance, Side Resistance, Turret Resistance) - Mid-air Control (Delay, Rotation, Acceleration of Descent)To Add

  • Weapon and vehicular skins to customs (Warzone-exclusive weapon effects can be modified in through advanced settings) - Manual Terraforming - Terrain/Skybox Themes (Snow, Grasslands, Industrial, Suburb, City, Military, Other Worldly, Forerunner)

Remove breakout from team arena playlist. This is the only problem i have with the game so far.

Actually I was thinking the other day it would be cool to have three spartans customizable for the red team, blue team and one for free for all that switched depending on which team you were on sort of like the custom cars in rocket league. That way you can have a blue spartan and a red spartan and their armor colors and weapon skins will all match

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> Remove breakout from team arena playlist. This is the only problem i have with the game so far.

Well, honestly, the thread was more geared towards additions rather than removals, but OK.

I’d also like to see the addition of Easter Egg creation for custom maps.
Being able to put in a group photo or just have your own prop inserted in to the map or something.

How do you get peoples’ attention with a thread like this here? I’m not one to seek it, but seeing a minimum interest in how you want things to develop is kinda worrying for me here.

“Sell all” feature for getting rid of stuff I won’t use (because I don’t play Warzone) would be great, instead of selling each of my 20 Ghosts separately.

I’d like to see (reasonably) friendlier drop rates on cosmetic things that don’t affect gameplay. I can’t play every day and want to see more than just a bunch of mongooses to sell so I can get another pack.

I know this would be broken but I would love that the ground pound was about to flip vehicles that are at least light enough.

A sell multiple button and lower some of the levels required for some loadout weapons. I have had too many games where I don’t even get to use my level 8 stuff.

More colourful maps like Plaza.