[WIP] Lazer Zone - for use with Lazer Tag gametype

I’ll get right to it, here’s a recording of me running through the map.


With all the new lighting effects I thought I might as well pursue the idea when i had it. I know it isn’t your typical H5 map, being that there’s a lot of room-to-room combat and the second stories have 12’ ceilings, but I wanted to best represent the traditional laser tag experience while catering to the gameplay changes brought on in H5 - specifically clambering.

The map is symmetrical with an alley way circling around the entire edge of the map. I decided to go with Orange and Green teams because it felt fitting for the theme and I didn’t like how the map looked with red and blue lighting - too patriotic for my taste since there are so many gobo’s in this environment. As of now there aren’t any weapon placements for regular slayer and other gametypes, but that will come shortly when i have the opportunity to properly test a 4v4. My plans for weapon placement include BR, carbine, boltshot, needler, and storm rifle placed symmetrically for both teams with the roof of each teams base bestowing a unique power weapon - not sure what they’ll be yet or if the asymmetrical placement will work as intended but i’m hoping it will encourage aggressive play as each team has equal access to both of them from the break with the routes provided.

The spawn volumes are set so the spawns WILL flip in slayer if one team pushes through to the other teams first priority spawn volume. Spawns are set both inside and outside of structures with a total of ~36 points total (~18 per team).

Lazer Tag Gametype Settings:
•Carbine Start (entertaining binary)
•50% Jump height
•50% Clamber speed (Increases risk when traveling to higher elevations/vantage points, encourages players to reach the roof on foot via stairwells)
•Stabilization, Charging, Groundpounding, and Radar OFF
•Regular sliding and sprint settings
•200% delay on thruster recharge (still debating)
•Shield effects and indicators off as well as damage indicators
•Damage/shields modified for 5 shot headshot kill with the carbine
•Strongholds in each base with one stronghold in the bottom mid (encourages bridge control and firefights down the lane going down the middle of the map.

Great job!