Winter Update has broken Infinite even more

Yup, more freezes than beta for me.

I’m getting crashes,
Our party leader has this issue all the time since the update with his Series S. Every 6-7 games requires a game restart.
desync is worse than ever
my connection will just spike out of nowhere

I think there is something wrong with the servers again. Ping was unstable yesterday on all games (around 10), jumping from 13 to 100 ms.

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I started playing Halo PC online in 2005 and played games when you were learning how to write your name. Nevermind, keep spreading your hatred about PC gamers everywhere. Hope you have fun. It seems that you’ve got an audience with console kids who need to find answers to explain why they’re bad.

Yeah but I mean, my first interaction with you was pretty toxic.

You claimed you were going to block me for offering a different opinion to you, and I’ve also seen you be unnecessarily rude to others for seemingly no reason.

Honestly, you probably have people disliking your posts because of the lack of respect you show to others. People generally don’t like it when someone comes in acting all supercilious, then shoots down any debate on the subject they involved themselves in.


Your jealousy is showing.

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