Winter Contingency XP "Challenges"

I love that for this new winter event its stated that I have to complete event challenges and I grind my way through the daily and weekly to find some and none are showing up to find out after I search it up it turns out that the “Event Challenges” is playing a game everyday for 10 days. So glad that I would’ve been unable to achieve these items regardless of it actually being explained in the battlepass instead of saying “Earn rewards by completing Event Challenges”. And yes, I know that its in the news section in t he bottom right corner when you start the game but let’s be real here for a second, no one actually uses this feature or atleast not a single person I play with has ever used it and it should actually be stated how to earn the rewards on the actual battlepass screen instead and perhaps make it so your challenges aren’t set consistent days played cause people have social lives outside of logging on for a daily match of halo.

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I agree. I spent many games the first few weeks wondering how to unlock the Event items. It should be explained on the screen that shows the unlocks.

And, ya I think it needs to unlock all items up to the day you played, so if you miss a day, if it doesn’t already.

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It definitely should’ve been posted in the actual event battlepass screen “earn progress in the battlepass by playing one match a day,” rather than “complete event challenges to earn progress in the battlepass.” Still, it’s better than the first week of the Tenrai event of “complete event challenges that will be interspersed randomly with your regular weekly challenges.”