Winter Contingency II Wishlist

So we know that Winter Contingency is returning this year and I wanna share my wishlist for what I want to see to make it better this year:

  1. The Aesthetic:
    This is VERY important to give that Christmas feeling to the game during this event. Have snow falling from the sky in every map and have snow covering all the maps. Makes it feel fresh, christmassy and is a nice look during the event. Furthermore, I want to see xmas trees, xmas presents, xmas lights and xmas decorations around the map to further create that holiday feeling like many other games do during their Christmas events.

  2. The Mode:
    The Yappening has shown me what a good event mode can look like. It needs to be casual, chaotic fun. Something that feels unique, fresh and something to just mess around with friends in. And since it is a Christmas event, it needs to have a Christmas theme. Therefore, I think it should be some kind of Snowball Fight mode. Would feel unique, christmassy and would be just some casual chaotic fun.

  3. The Cosmetics:
    I want to see some great Christmas themed cosmetics this year.
    Have a kill effect similar to the new Yappening one but instead of bunnies its a snowman, reindeer, santa, etc.
    Have some coatings that feel christmassy.
    Have armour pieces which are snow stained, wrapped in christmas lights, have christmas themed clothing on armour pieces (scarfs, reindeer antlers, santa hats), etc.
    Some cool Christmas themed armour effects would be good.

  4. Since its a Christmas event, have all the cosmetics in the event pass instead of the store.

Halo 5 had a pretty decent Christmas event. Lets try and top that event instead of just last years. Please make this year a fun, memorable event.


It’d be a bit strange sitting there playing the game in the middle of summer and seeing snow falling.

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1: It is technically a winter holiday event, not a “christmas” event. Just pointing that out!

2: I would love it if any christmas cosmetics were hideable with the non-canon toggle everyone’s been asking for.

3: Snow would be pretty cool in all the maps! It just doesn’t feel like it should be a development priority given the state of things. That said, I generally think that holiday-themed cosmetics shouldn’t be a priority with promised features still being cut (just my two cents.)

Probably my favorite and most overlooked part of Winter Contingency…

It didn’t require a specific playlist. All you had to do was log in and play whatever you want. I hope that aspect returns.


Im talking about the Winter Contingency event. Which happens over the Christmas period.

Just having a light hearted dig. Christmas is in summer in the Southern Hemisphere

Do we have confirmation on this?

Winter Contingency has nothing to do with Holiday stuff, it’s a Reach thing, which is why everything featured in its 30 Tier Pass will be Mark V [B] armor that was featured in Reach.

I’m sure that’s why the last winter contingency event had a Christmas armour coating and snowflake nameplate backdrop.

We’re discussing this based on the precedent set by the previous Winter Contingency event. Also, the 30 tier battlepass is coming with the Winter update.

Not Contingency II. As far as we know, they’re separate.

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@Trand0 Here’s a link to the recently updated roadmap. Winter Contingency II, event coming in December of this year.

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I have some posts that need updated, thank you.

Winter Contingency II, official:

1 event repeated, 2 more events to go.

I hope 343 could release more armor like Mythic in MCC.
I love that.

Wonder if they’ll put in that, I think I was told it was a Snowman Helmet that was never released from last year.