Winter Battle Pass full of filler, 33%, 10/30

Pretty much, because pre-2010, Joseph and Frankie were pretty much keeping the whole thing going.


This little question is why the live service model needs to die.


They really need to make armor coatings cross core so we’ll have actual colors options for each core. Reach has a handful at best, and they’re so limited I’ll probably never use the core unless they give us more coatings first.


I take it from your response that you would put the whole game in the store then, making it pay-to-play? That’s great with me for future games, but certainly too late for infinite.

I will say that the live service/ftp model has saved me at least $50. I would have bought the full game at launch and been very disappointed that I wasted my money. This way I get to decide how much the game is worth to me, and so far that’s only $10. Maybe I’ll throw another $5 at them if this update lives up to everyone’s hype.

colors needed to be just customizable. i still remember the excitement from fans when they broke news of the six color pallet system with multiple shades of colors, then the disappointment when they told us they would be selling us premade selections. but that ship has long since sailed. unless they decided at some point they wanted to have both a customizable option and a store option for more fancy looking coatings like shiny or camo ones. but probably not.


what did they remove?

It’s the mentality of it all. Instead of making decisions with the intent to make the game more fun for the players, everything ends with “How do we get $10 from this”.

Rewatch the live stream. You can see the embarrassment on Unyshek and the other guy’s face every time they scrolled over a 2X Boost or an Emblem repeat. They knew that stuff was fluff.

“But they have to make money somewhere”, right?

So instead inflating the pass with boosts no one needs, why not put in a basic coating like Cadet Pink or Cadet White, 2 colors that were sorely missing from launch. Or they could have done what they did with the HCS Winter Coating and apply some Mk. 7 only coatings to the Mk. 5 core. Or how about those 2 stances that are supposed to be in the campaign but no one can get them and 343 hasn’t said anything about them. Or maybe they could have finished off the Noble Team charm set (Kat and Jorge were in the store and Emile was earned from Tac. Ops, but Carter and Jun don’t have one). Finally, Winter Contingency 1 proved they can put emblem in an event/battle pass and not have them take up 4 slots.

All I know, is that many of the poorly designed systems in this game, from the store, to coatings, to the challenges system, are a direct result of 343 not being ready to properly support a live game or trying to maximize profits without adding value to the game.

Also I know my tone is harsh, but this is a shot at you. So I hope you didn’t take it as one. You just happened to be the one to write the comment.


I’m not involved heavily in the Destiny community, but from what I heard they removed expansions that people bought (expansions being campaigns) and that caused an upcry.

Really disappointed to still see shoulders and emblems split up for filler. They need to move away from that.


It’s free, so just accept the free stuff. They didn’t say they were giving you everything you wanted from season 1

You can see the battle pass before you buy it, you knew what you were paying for


Looks pretty good to me. Free stuff. Yay.

I’m probably not going to use any of it… but yay. Free Stuff.

I’m hoping the shop gets a bit of a revamp. Just bought some more store credits in anticipation. They hinted at Xmas stuff. I love Xmas.

Yep. I am the problem. :slight_smile:


The fact that it’s taken over a full year for 2 seasons makes the progression system super slow. If 343i can successfully make seasonality a thing than 200 turning into 400 levels will make double xp much more important to unlock items and progress each season’s battle pass.

I totally agree, they’ve got their priorities backwards, and thereby sabotaged their profits. This is Halo, listen to the fans and make it fun, above all else, and you’ll get your profits and then some, 343.

Not sure what you mean by this. The pass is free. Are you suggesting that they “took stuff out of the pass to put in the store” like was said about season 1?

I tink 343 was so focused on launch as a finish line that they forgot launch is really a starting line for live service games. I don’t think of 343 as nefarious or conniving, but overly ambitious, and over confident (to such an extent as to be incompetent).

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Look, this will probably be divisive, and I have certainly made posts where I’ve been critical of decisions 343 has made, as well as issues that exist with this game. However, I think there needs to be some sort of line….a rationale or logic if you will, that we as fans exhibit. We have all voiced opinions, one way or another, and yes 343 has had a less than stellar track record overall. But -Yoink!- if they didn’t make something special with Halo Infinite…the gameplay is solid and incredibly fun. Yes, a variety of online issues exist that hamper and harm those things, but without them this is easily the best Halo since 2/3 and honestly it could potentially equal them with the right choices and upcoming direction.

That line I referenced above, that line represents us, as fans, focusing on both good and bad and being fair across the board with our feedback. Too often it’s yelling and vitriol. Too many people criticize unfairly and nonsensically. Everyone’s opinion matters, but to bash a company because you don’t like something one way or another that’s not really affecting anyone, is senseless. If you don’t like the cosmetics, you do not have to buy the battle pass, and yet 343 is still giving things to you for free. Keep in mind, there are people who did not buy the game and who do not buy the battle passes, this effectively does not help 343 as a company. But they still cater to these people as fairly as one could expect a for profit entity to do.

The most recent updates, were a shining ray of sunlight trying to show through the clouds. It’s been perpetually overcast for almost a year, but this news is mostly good news. They actually communicated thoroughly, which is good….they laid out changes that I feel will mostly impact the game in a positive way and show they do listen, also good….they made some changes as a company that maybe aren’t to everyone’s liking, but that’s their prerogative and we need to accept they are trying to do why’s best for everyone, not the minority, which is also good….they also at least addressed some major concerns for a ton of people, concerns that mostly they had been silent about prior, additional goodness.

Forget the cosmetics and battle pass items for now, just temporarily, as I know this matters a lot to some people. Let 343 work out the major issues, be positive about the actual changes they do make that will better this community, and once the infrastructure and backbone of this game has been fixed, if things like cosmetics and the battle pass system are still not up to anyone standards/preference, then that can be expressed at that time. 343 had two broken legs since the launch of Infinite, they are just now showing signs of possibly walking right again, let’s not push them down the stairs and blame it on the dog for not perfecting everything right at this exact moment. They announced some good things and I think, personally, that does show them listening to the community, as quite a number of them are important topics for many players to have addressed by them



No. However, the 30 tiers, if you were to combine “duplicate items” (left/right shoulders, emblems) and low quality items (subjectively, XP boosts) the pass is more like 20. Which I don’t really care how many tier the pass is, but fill the tiers with stuff people like. An Emblem is nice, but don’t put it in 4 times.

Buy fluffing up the free pass, stuff that could have been in there will have been moved some where else. They had room for Carter’s shoulders if they didn’t repeat an emblem 4x. Instead it’s possible those shoulder will appear in the store. Thus, you get the common defense of MTX’s: “They have to make money somewhere”.

The game is free, but they are a company. That’s all that I meant.

Yeah that’s been my opinion of them since H5. Many of their ideas actually aren’t bad (in the objective sense), but the execution is so poor, you can’t help but wonder what the heck they were thinking. And some stuff was even borderline groundbreaking. Personally I’m astonished Ricochet has been left behind with H4. It’s an incredibly fun mode and had Esport written all over it.

Overall, my gripe is that a lot of sacrifices were made to justify a F2P model that wasn’t popular when it was announced, and many of the benefits of this model haven’t been seen while many of the downsides have plagued the game since launch.

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Good. The shop has been a plague since day 1.


We are still waiting on them to release basic features that were found in nearly every other Halo title before Infinite like Forge, Co-Op and mission select, match XP/career progression, multiple playlists and game modes, etc… so of course the free BP was going to be some recycled content. First rule of 343’s Halo, you can not get your hopes up with Halo anymore, you’ll just crash really hard. This way when they actually do something right or usually when they clean up their own mess, you can finally rejoice but only for a moment.

The best thing to look forward to in this Winter Update is the two new maps. There’s going to be a bunch of sandbox changes though, so we’ll probably have to go through a month or two of fixes, BR might jam again or BTB might break or something else might happen. Who knows. Hopefully Nov. 8th goes well!

I can’t wait for Nov. 8, all the updates sound good to me. The game will improve. Lets just have some f’ning fun.


I actually agree with the sentiment of your post. We need to reestablish a baseline of expectation that is more lenient. There will be people that say “oh, just let Infinite die. The next Halo will be better.” There is no guarantee of that, sure MS wants to keep its flagship franchise in the people’s eye all the time but failure after failure diminishes the value of said brand. Let’s look at the positives, get a hands-on experience with the content, celebrate the positives and constructively critique the negatives.

The reason I highlight this part of your post is because there is still one thing I dislike about 343’s communication, the late reveals of important information. It is a particular stickler for me since Season 2 started because before then, it was always said that Battle Passes would not expire and you could make progress towards them whenever you wanted and that’s it. The general assumption being that there were no restrictions. However, just before launch of Season 2 (somewhere in the last week prior) during a reveal stream, they said that they wanted to be clear and open with everyone while announcing that only the paid version of Battle Passes could have any progress made towards them. It was mentioned so casually and so nonchalantly that you would think it was no big deal and in the grand scheme of things, it probably isn’t. The thing that got me was that it was not mentioned at any point before then, and was being pushed as something they’re telling you now as a sign of good faith, complete -Yoink!-.

Rant over.
TLDR; Give it time, patience and constructive criticism. 343 needs to be better at communicating.

Kinda makes you wonder how uncreative they are with cosmetics.

They can barely fill out a store and battle pass on the first year,

Not to mention they consider default colors premium enough to charge players for them