Wins and Losses on Rumble Pit and Flood?

Hey everyone. I just have a simple question that I’m sure a lot of people already have the answer to:

What place do you have to get (other than first, obv) to have a rumble pit match count as a ‘win’ on your win/loss record? What about on a Flood match?

Thanks in advance!

for Commendations, Flood requires a win. I finished tied for first and it did not increment.

Only the top 1 player will get a victory in free for all games, if that is what you are asking.

To my understanding, you must place top 3 otherwise you will be given a loss. Second and third place will count as a victory I believe, however you need to place first for commendations as others have mentioned.

So placing top 3 will count as a victory on your win:loss. I think.