WinPhone Mission Completion Missing from Waypoint

For at least a week, the Halo Waypoint website hasn’t been registering progress I make on missions on my Windows Phone installation of Spartan Assault. For example, on my phone, I can see I’ve earned Gold on all the Operation A missions, but that doesn’t show up on Waypoint. Interestingly, an achievement I unlocked yesterday on the phone did come through, so I know there’s some communication between the phone and the Waypoint servers. Suggestions?

A few additional facts: Since the original post, I’ve unlocked even more achievements on the phone that show up on my Waypoint Service Record. It appears only my Mission Stars haven’t carried over. I have confirmed that when I access the Halo Waypoint site, I am looking at my Spartan Assault Service Record under Windows Phone, and not any of the other platforms on which I’ve played SA for the paltry, neurotic glory of completionism. One data point that remains at large is the true beginning of the problem: I hadn’t played Spartan Assault for months before last week, so for all I know this could have been an ongoing problem for a long time before I started playing and noticed it. Help?

Q’Plah! Sort of… This afternoon, my Waypoint website Service Record for Operations D thru F matched my phone!

BUT Operations A, B and C still do not. And there is still clearly a problem consistently getting the website to reflect progress made on the phone.

For one thing: I beat Operation F on my phone today, and while the Silver Star for overall completion is visible on the website along with the correct Star ratings for the individual missions, the COMPLETE OPERATION F achievement still appears locked.

After seeing that at least my high score and best time for Mission F.5, “The Source,” had made their way to the Waypoint site, I tried a little experiment: I played through Mission C.1, “Descend from the Perch,” for which no best time or high score are displayed. I also Gold-starred Mission D.5, “Defense of the Enemies’ Airbase,” which was previously the only Operation D mission on which I hadn’t broken out of the Silver bracket. Alas neither of those wins registered on the Waypoint website.

1. Campaign Stats from new mission runs show up on the Waypoint website almost instaneously. –WIN!
When I look at my stats in-game on my phone, I see Gold Stars for all the missions in Operation B. That wasn’t the case when I looked at my Waypoint website Service Record, so I replayed most of Operation B, getting Gold Stars on all the missions that had been missing them on my online Campaign Stats. I was able to refresh the page within a couple of minutes of beating each mission I played and see the shiny, new star right where it was supposed to be! A+ work, support crew who I imagine must be reading these posts.
2. Old mission runs whose stats are saved on my phone still don’t synch up to the Waypoint website. –FAIL
In my re-Gold-star run-through of Operation B, I was unable to break through the Silver ceiling on Mission B-3, “Hunt for the Sangheili Command.” So now my phone continues to show me a Gold Star that I’d previously earned on that mission while my Waypoint website Service Record just shows the new Silver score I put up yesterday.
I can live with this. I’m happy to re-experience the challenge of getting that Gold Star, and my next endeavor will be GASO runs anyway, so the whole point will soon be moot. However, I do plan on leaving B-3 alone for a while just to see if 343i’s server gnomes manage to load the stats from my previous phone missions. I haven’t checked, but I think some of my original Gold scores and times were better than the runs I just did to re-color-in my Campaign Stats, so there’s some pride on the line.
3. Achievements continue to be super-weird! –FAIL
Yesterday, I mentioned that while the Campaign Stats on my Waypoint website Service Record showed my time and score for Mission F-5, the COMPLETE OPERATION F achievement still wasn’t showing up. In the last 36 hours, I completed all remaining achievements expecting to see a pattern. Like maybe only Operation F achievements wouldn’t unlock on the website, or maybe achievements tied to specific missions wouldn’t register. But no pattern revealed itself:
Nowhere to Hide | unlocked | unlocked
Foot Soldier | unlocked | unlocked
Vidmaster Challenge | unlocked | unlocked
A for Effort | unlocked | unlocked
Skull Combo | unlocked | locked
Complete Operation F | unlocked | locked
Vidmaster Challenge 2.0 | unlocked | locked
Never Knew What Hit Them | unlocked | locked

Get your story straight, dag’nabbit!