Winning in ranked but loosing csr

I just played a ranked game of odd ball. My team won the game. I went 21-18 with a 1:30 ball time, my teammate went 23-16. I gained no csr and he went down. The guy on the loosing team was a higher rank than either of us, he went 23-19 but gained csr. How is that possible? I don’t play much ranked so am I missing something?

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Ranking system is messed up…just like the progression system…and the customisation system… and aim assist…

Yeah I don’t understand this either.
At first I thought maybe it’s because the game expected me to beat the other team even easier than I did?

In your example the guy on the losing team was ranked higher and scored worse in the game but gained more CSR though?

Maybe it’s something to do with your True Skill rating that is hidden in the background? Maybe your True Skill rating was much higher than the other team (even if their rank was higher) and the game expected you to win even more decisively than you did?

Either way, it seems messed up.
I’ve also noticed that I seem to gain or lose CSR pretty randomly.

Your CSR has nothing to do with winning and losing. It’s all performance relative to the other players ranks. So, you got matched up against people significantly lower leveled and did not perform as well as the game expected you to, causing it to rank you lower (appropriately) since you were not that good.

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Ludicrous system, but that is how it works. You should be winning harder!

I’ve also deranked after winning Oddball, but no other gametype yet. Only happened once after a close 2-1 win.

The ranking system is poor right now. I’ve been the top rank in every Halo game (cough not H2 as I’m not a cheater). This is a very poor system for ranking up and down. Although I would say most my games have been fairly balanced so far.

I think placing so much importance on individual play such as k/d is very negative. Often some of the best players do not stand out stat-wise, but their win rates speak for themselves. They do the dirty work. Halo 5 did it pretty well I thought. Individual performance mattered but most of all it was about winning and gains were based on the enemy teams skill, not your k/d.

Well I guess that makes sense. But I was a plat 3 and the guy in the loosing team was a diamond 5. He had two unranked people and a plat 5. My other teammates were a plat 6 and two unranked.