Winning in Infinite: Too tough of a challenge?

I’m a chronic 60% and above win percentage player in the previous halos (H3, Reach, H4, H5) and am probably winning at a 20-30% win rate (both solo and teams) in any mode. I’ve found this to be one of the most difficult halos to go in either solo or with a team and rack up any wins, let alone string together a streak.

Anyone else having issues adjusting to Intinite’s new sandbox/gameplay?

Maps, weapons, movements, etc.

Just doesn’t feel as fun as past halos. Might be due to lack of BR in any playlist or game mechanics just don’t feel up to par.


Just gotta sweat man. Everyone else is, that’s why it’s so hard.

I’m personally not, but I play just about everything casually these days.

Yooo how you been man

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It’s been a minute but I’ve been just trying to grind out the Tenrai armor with what time I have available.

Yeah, good luck with that. I can’t even get the event challenges to show up. Sucks the progression system is so busted when 343 finally managed to make a fun game lmao. We should play together sometime. I’m pretty busy these days but I’m usually on 6:00-8:00 est.

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Mine is above 55% playing solo. Other games I had between 55-60% solo so I’d say it’s about the same.

I am new to Halo, win rate on Halotracker website shows 47%.

I don’t know my numbers because I don’t pay attention to that stuff, but this game is hard to enjoy causally. Especially in 4v4. BTB is fine but not great in that regard.

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Not everyone can but if you can find some people to get in a vc call with your win rates go up a lot. CTF for example just being able to get in a warthog with your friends and move on the flag together gives you a massive edge.

how do you even see your win rate?

There is a 3rd party site called Halotracker

cheers mate but apparently my tag doesn’t exist

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Given that every game has a winning or losing team, I imagine the win percentages balance out across the player population just by pure mathematics. There’s no way everyone can be feeling it’s harder to win, because it would imply the other half are finding it easier.

Do you play on console or PC?

I’m a good, not great, Halo Infinite player right now. Hovering at just below 1.5 KD and just above 52% win percentage. It’s sweaty. A lot. And BTB has been ridiculously sweaty for me so far this week. I haven’t been stomped on this hard since running into 12-mans in Warzone in Halo 5. It’s rough out there right now.

But then I’ll get a nice string of games going where I win 4 or 5 in a row. I guess that’s what’s feeling a bit weird right now with multiplayer in Infinite, it’s a really inconsistent experience. I’m gonna get whiplash – no, not the gun – from the constant back-and-forth of opponent skill. Win 3, lose 5, win 2, lose 4, win 6, lose 3…it’s not quite as fun as winning 2, losing 1, winning 1, losing 2, etc. The long losing streaks really suck.

Just so you get the answers you’re looking for dude, I think this might be in the wrong thread.

Yeah, That’s really weird. I swear I was in another thread Lol.

Wins dont matter just take the 50xp and queue up again.