Winner takes all, test week

As it is now you get a hefty pile of xp whenever completing a match, a very very small pile of xp for winning and a max pile of 750 if you do really good, based on score of course.

I’m all for having all of these intact as they are, however, what if only the winner got the xp? Since the win “reward” is more of a small bonus and not a reward.

Now you’re probably thinking that “hey, with the JiP in place I can leave a game that doesn’t look good from the start, why waste time on a game that blew up on the launch pad? And find a new game that will be good from the start”.

Well you’re right, why not leave? In cases of that I thought that why not prevent leavers from getting xp from matches they win? If you leave three games, you won’t get xp in the three next wins. Incase you get disconnected the JiP could put that match as a priority join for you so you’d reconnect to it. I have been reconnected before. The chances are perhaps small but perhaps it’d be possible with some tweaking.

Since MM is updated once a week I figured why not give it a test run?

Then again it might cause an uproar and a mass exodus from the game.

With the majority of the threads on this forum being complaints, I havent seen to much on EXP…The way I see it, it would be better off to leave it be and not give people a reason to create another 100+ threads complaining about something in a game.

Well it’d be more of an attempt to see if people would continue running around nillwilly with cotton candy under their visors or actually try to win the matches. Sometimes it’s saddening seeing someone hop in a warthog to do doughnuts and give the enemy the warthog.