Windows10 customs stats no showing up on console

I like many others, want the Timmy helmet, but, in order to do so, I must be able to know how long I have actually played, both in H5G and H5F combined. I so far cannot do this since it doesn’t seem as though anything that I have done in Halo 5: Forge(pc) shows up in the console version.

For example, console H5 says I have only played customs for 6 hours. I mostly play customs on pc, and only on console when forced to by friends. I play at least two hours of customs every day on pc, and have played enough days to safely claim that the number of hours is much larger than six.

Second, console H5 says that my “most used weapon” is the CE pistol, the gun I used a lot in customs only on console. I played about two matches of customs where you spawned with CE pistols. I did this at least a year ago, and I barely use this weapon on pc, showing that these records are extremely outdated.

343 plz fix I really want that helmet.

A bit late… but,
They do track the Halo 5 Forge stats… or at least some. They just don’t correlate with Xbox. It’s sectioned completely separate. A buddy put together an app pulling from the Halo 5 Forge API. It’s generic at the moment, but it works. Some of the things tracked are K/D, win %, hit %, head shot %, ground pound kills, etc. Weapon of choice is not. Anyway, holler back if any further interest.

I’d love to see that app!