Windows Phone Waypoint app - no Halo 4 update

Just wondering why there has not yet been an update for the windows phone waypoint app for halo 4, because it still tracks my halo reach stats which means that I now have to use the webpage on my phone, which is a bit annoying

I would think they are working on it. Just give them some time :slight_smile:

They could give us some date, or even if it will be update or not.

Still no update/word on an update for Android and iOS either.

Part of me is starting to think they are going to abandon the mobile app completely and ask people to use the website, as it is mobile optimised.

I kind of think it’s kinda crap they released a video of the update for the app yet they only really hinted it would be during Halo 4… I really wish they would step up their game and actually release it for the fans closer to the release of the actual game and not months later…

Do the devs know these forums exist or what? Maybe someone needs to let them know that they actually do have forums where their customers are trying to contact them… Would be nice to finally find a thread with a dev response, in the meantime I guess I’ll keep searching.

I have also been wondering. I am just hoping that they do not want us to just PIN the waypoint to our home screen since they have the waypoint set for it.

I also want to know when ATLAS will be updated so I can know where certain weapons spawn since there are some that I have yet to see in a game, such as the Fuel Rod Cannon.