Windows Phone Spartan Assault & Spartan Strike

Hello! I need a little help from someone. As of January 14 2020 Windows 10 Mobiles are unsupported. Can I play Halo Spartan Assault & Strike on a Lumia 550 by the end of this month and unlock the achievements onto my Xbox Profile? Will update this post when I found an answer.

Update: brought “Microsoft Lumia 550” in 2020 October. It’s perfect for just getting some halo cheevos. My Lumia 550 was refurbished Grade A off eBay and charger NEW from separate seller. Enjoy! PS halo WP cheevos can be delayed by hours or even days to register on halo waypoint.

Update: Windows phones achievement syncing has been down since Halloween 2020… Update: Syncing has been working for all Windows 10 phone users since March 17th 2021! If I get info achievement syncing is no longer working I’ll update thread again, or you can leave a message!

You can keep an eye on this thread too about windows 10 achievement sync.