Windows 8.1 and WP8.1 Halo SA Sync issue

Simply put, I cannot figure out how to force my WP8.1 (its the developer version of WP8) to load the sync’d cloud save from my Windows 8.1 laptop. I know the Windows 8.1 Laptop is communicating with Halo Waypoint because I can see my progress accurately on here (Completed A-E, with gold except B-3) and my challenges (11/90) without any glitches on A-1.

How do I force my phone to pull the correct save from the cloud? I have a 4G connection, I’ve connected to Wi-Fi networks and still nothing. Uninstalled the game and installed it again. Still nothing. The WP version is showing completion to D-2 and 7/90 challenges. I can’t unlock the armor abilities or weapons achievements even though they popped on my Windows 8.1 Laptop. Any ideas?

Hello ZZBroncos.

I noticed you said nothing about attempting to play a mission, then close and reopen the game. I would try to complete any mission (A-1 is fine) and then see if it has been updated. If not, then I suggest closing and reopening the game after completing the mission.

If that still isn’t working, post here and I’ll give you more things to try. :wink:

Yeah I completed A1-3 and it wouldn’t update. I have no idea what was causing it not to sync but it finally sync’d this morning after Xbox Live fixed whatever problems they were having with the servers. Before Microsoft fixed their servers though, this had been going on for about 3 days

Well, in any case, glad to hear you’re sorted ZZBroncos. :wink: