Windows 10, update 1903 problem

i have a serous problem right here. The game starts normally, y runs normally when on the main menu, but, when a match starts, the game will just shut, the game will freeze for a brief moment, the screen goes black and boom, you are on your desktop, wondering what the hell happened, this will happen every time, no matter the game mode, it’ll happen.

A friend and i started having this problem when the 1903 windows update for .net framework 3.8 and 4.5 or something, got installed on our computers.
And before you say anything, yes, we do have high end computers.

any solutions? i’m honestly stuck with this one, i’m reinstalling the game anyway to se if it fixes anything

Let me know about it. I have the same problem just now and it was totally fine yesterday 5pm east coast time.

edit: NVM I am doing 1903 update right now… might be something else + when I open the game it says it’s in maintenance and we may have disruptions.

2nd edit: the .net frameworks from the 14th of january were already installed. Probably installed itself during the night. I did the 1903 hour big update and it didn’t help me for the game. Installing this update literally cleared all my update history so i can’t find and uninstall the right .net frameworks. I also updated my nvidia drivers for nothing. I also realized that HW2 only crashes when I actually target something for my units.

I am also experiencing this issue. This all occurred with the release of the new Windows 10 update on 1/14/2020.

Hey folks. 343 are aware of this issue and the team are investigating. You can follow this thread for updates: