Win X games weekly challenges are frustrating

Challenges are great! I love challenges. Challenges are a good way to decide what to do and a nice short term goal to aim for. Generally I try to complete every challenge I get, but the win x game in x game type challenges are incredibly irritating. Why?

  1. A lot of the gametypes in H4 are extremely casual and don’t benefit from a “playing to win” mindset. The point of these games is that there are a ton of mechanics in place to reward weak players and give them a chance to win so they continue having fun. Regicide is the worst in this respect (better not get first place till the end!) but flood’s camping in a corner nonsense is pretty aggravating too. If you go into these gametypes with the intention of screwing around and killing a lot of dudes, they can be a larf, but if you’re intentionally trying to win every single time the game coddles someone into a position of superiority, however minor, that’s another tiny frustration added to the pile.

  2. If trueskill is working properly, your win/loss rate will approach 50%. Therefore, a win x games challenge is actually a play 2x games challenge that feels like half your games were a complete waste of time. The time investment involved in grinding through these challenges ends up vastly outstripping the other challenges with similar point rewards. The 117 monthly challenge is okay because you get a huge bonus for completing it that feels justified, whereas the weeklies feel worthless because the others are always things you can complete in a single game. If I were rewarded enough exp for these weeklies to justify the 3+ hours they can take sometimes, maybe they would be less frustrating.

  3. Challenges in FFA gametypes discourage playing with friends. This one speaks for itself, why would I play with a friend who I know is skilled and will make completing the challenge more easily?

  4. These challenges encourage boosting. I haven’t boosted any challenges yet but it is EXTREMELY tempting to just get a full group together and trade wins to get rid of them and satisfy the OCD. Of course, once a player starts boosting for a piddly challenge, why not do it one more time for a few more exp? Or maybe once more after that?

  5. They encourage ignoring the challenges entirely. If I’m going to ignore a couple of stupid challenges, I’m going to be less likely to give challenges effort in the future, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. This reduces the power of challenges to get me into the game each day, which is the purpose of daily challenges, isn’t it?

All in all, I think that switching to mini-objectives in a match that don’t require victory are a better choice. Instead of “win x flood” matches, make it “infect x spartans”, “kill x zombies”, or “achieve last man standing x times” (that last one better be a small number!) These challenges are more varied, more fun, and far less frustrating.


  1. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE and I can’t believe I forgot. Completing the weekly challenges doubles the win for your last game, but completing a single spartan ops missions TRIPLES it. It’s so hard to justify playing matchmaking at all if experience is an issue because it’s so much easier to get exp from SpOps. These challenges either need to compete with the exp/hour you get from SpOps by multiplying themselves by a lot (like, twelve or more?), or they need to be fun, which they currently aren’t.

I agree! Well said, I’ve only gotten to 5 out of 9 on any of these given challenges, I just can’t put that much time in to one game type over and over.

And then you also end up having that one game type be extremely competitive for just that day. I would rather have “x amount of assassinations” or “stick x opponents” or “get one ‘Road Trip’ medal” :D.

That way all the competitive players aren’t focused on one playlist. Four or five games where everyone in the game is there solely for the challenge can get very frustrating.

I agree with you 99%, I stop going after the win X amount of games a while ago. Seriously they could do a challenge that’s unique to Halo 4, like

“Earn 8 Distraction medals”

or something along that challenge, they put soooo many new medals yet I haven’t seen one challenge about them. :confused:

I did the dominion one a couple days ago, but I agree that they are not worth it…

The pay out for them is just doubling the XP on the final one that you win…

Then when they put them on terrible game types like Flood… they are just not worth it…

OMG, I forgot the most important one! I’m editing the op now. There we go.

i saw a challenge the other day for 1375xp I believe when it is 1000 to 2000xp it is worthless, why would I work harder doing bs when if I play a few regular matches in the course of 30 minutes I get twice as much xp having fun while doing it.

I like the win x games in x time limit because they are the only ones that offer alot of xp and also I earn them without trying I’m going to get those many wins regardless.

Yeah, the win x in x time limit ones are much less frustrating because you can just play the gametypes you like. I’d be okay with some dailies that involve winning 10-20 wargames because it would just be a nice little bonus.