Win ranked matches

How am I supposed to complete these challenges when I am either paired with people not of my skill level, not wanting to actually try, not getting the required Ranked game to complete said challenge, and or starting with 3 players or a 4th leaving right away?

Win Ranked Matches
Win a Ranked Oddball Match
Win 2 Ranked Stronghold Matches
Win Ranked Capture the Flag Match 3

what is this???

It’s even more of a hassle when you’re in Diamond.
Not everyone may have trouble or as bad RNG with this. But I certainly am.


You know that you can “pay” for XP right? Now does it make more sense?


I feel your pain. I posted a similar mini rant about ranked challenges this week over in the pinned playlist topic. I’m not exaggerating when I say half of my upcoming challenges require ranked arena.

Just a few examples on the first page of upcoming challenges, without scrolling down:

Complete Ranked CTF Matches 0/2
Complete Ranked Arena Matches 0/4
Win Ranked Slayer Matches 0/1
Win Ranked Arena Matches 0/2

Guess I won’t be getting the ultimate this week.

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I’m not wanting that EXP as of now. I’m wanting to get that challenge out of the way.
I even swapped out the Ranked challenge which gave me even more difficult Ranked challenge.
EXP will matter when the match progression comes.

Until then, there still is no incentive to play the game how they want. You can easily just opt in and sit around and be rewarded. Not saying i’m doing that, but it can be done.

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And here I was just about to turn my Xbox back on to try out the new playlists. This is utter trash.


The ranked challenges are fine for the most part. My big concern are mode specific ones, Win a game of Ranked CTF. I can already see people leaving my ranked games because of this, looking for their specific mode.

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You have a week to complete the challenges. Stop whining.

They literal stated that there are more ranked challenges as an celebration of the hcs. This will be for 14 th to 20th December so chill

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They can give a reason all they want, but that doesn’t mean people have to be happy with it. They aren’t entitled to player satisfaction. They have to earn that.


This. I don’t want to play ranked. I don’t care about HCS. I just want to have fun. And I don’t have fun being forced into ranked.


ranked and social both have sbmm so your matches will usually be sweaty no matter what

Oh no, there is one week with challenges like that. You will probably survive that one week themed about ranked games

It’s not even like the capstone reward is worth crying about. Just a backdrop no one pays attention to lmao. I’ll still grind for it tho

Social is looser though. But also social has things like fiesta (now) which I enjoy a lot more.

Same. Forcing challenges upon players because of some kind of event is completely unnecessary and just ruins the game flow for some people. I don’t want a challenge that I literally can’t swap to anything that is non-Ranked. I tried swapping a specific Ranked challenge 5 times and it just rotated between the same 5 Ranked challenges.

Premium Battle Pass owners should honestly get unlimited challenge swaps considering what a crapshoot 343’s challenge reroll system is.


It could just be my personal experience, but social matches for me have felt a lot more sweaty than ranked. Super excited for fiesta. Might be the only game mode I can play casually

But then how would Chipotle sell Burritos?

You can reroll as much as you want. They stated in their news, that you will only receive ranked challenges when rerolling ranked challenges

Assuming you eat at Chipotle, you probably don’t have the Premium Battle Pass to begin with.

Jokes aside, F2P players hardly get any challenge swaps to begin with, and increasing the benefits of having a Premium Battle Pass would make it more enticing to buy. The armor and other customization you get from the $10 pass is mostly “meh” anyway, so it only seems fair to at least give Premium owners 10 free challenge swaps a week starting on the weekly reset.


It’s your personal experience. For me ranked matches are infinitely more sweaty with people actually trying. Social matches are just filled with people that don’t actually want to play the game mode.