Win Condition Challenges

Can you please just remove these challenges already alongside ranked challenges. If I wanted to run into a brick wall I would run into a brick wall.

I am by no means the best player in the world but when I am topping team by a significant margin and the rest of the team is dragging -Yoink!- you are straight up punishing me for their gameplay. But the enemy team is staring down your spawn instakilling you. Ranked is a toxic abyss that I want nothing to do with.

Can you just remove the bloody challenge system already. I don’t think anyone likes it.


The wins in specific playlists don’t bother me but I’m not really a fan of the win two games of Oddball style ones. I just challenge skip them. Far too much RNG for my liking and it’s extra frustrating to lose a game if you’ve had to play ten before it comes up.

Any challenge that requires a specific variant to come up usually gets a skip from me.

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Putting specific game mode challenges for ranked is disgusting and toxic, 343 should be ashamed of the rng they’ve put into these challenges, last weeks win 3 capture the flag games in ranked for the ultimate challenge was too far. I had 3 days to complete those challenges for that week, which is usually never an issue for me, I can usually complete all challenges in 2 days. But the ultimate challenge this week was completely random!!! Completely out of my control!!! I found 2 capture the flag games in 48hs!!! If you look at the playlist for ranked there’s only 2 capture the flag maps. WHY MAKE A LONG CHALLENGE OUT OF SOMETHING SO SPECIFIC!!! Even if you’re lucky enough to find these ultra rare matches, you can’t control how the other 3/4 teammates will play, which is horrible most of the time. Thank god the rewards was some ugly banner. But that’s a complaint for another post, the weekly rewards suck 80% of the time.