Win 2 games of Flood?

I’m just curious what the winning conditions are for tonight’s WarGames challenge “Infection”. It says you have to win 2 games, but so far after an hour of play I have failed to see a winner. How do you win a Flood game? I have been Last Man Standing a few times, I frequently get 1st place in the endgame stats, I also get the most points. However I still haven’t even won one match. If your a Spartan you eventually die unless the time runs out first (which still didn’t earn me a win). So again, how do we get this challenge if you never WIN?!

You have to have the most points in total after all rounds.

It’s not enough to have the most points in the last round or the first or be last man standing.

Hope this helped.

I beat this the first two rounds i played even stuck around to play three more games so people couldn’t win haha