Win 17 games is BS

I hate this challenge because it forces me to rely on my team every match hoping they can even go positive or do objective. Its making the game incredibly frustrating.


It’s the easiest challenge because it requires almost no effort from you, unlike last week. Just play and cross your fingers. Pro tip: Play with friends in Quick Play on mic


You literally completed all weekly challenges in like a day. Lol you can get 17 wins in 6 days bud


I have played 25 games today and only have had 6 wins and every game im top of the board but my team is awful. I hate win challenges.


It’s only awful because there are no playlists. So now you are forced into objective games where the majority of the team refuses to do the objective.


I wish just my personal challenges were for my personal accomplishments not if my team sucks

Wait until the capstone is get 10 splatters…


That 17 game challenge is really more like a 30 game challenge for most people. Unless you somehow manage to win 17 games in a row…

I just play. I don’t try the challenges, Don’t care about rank, Didn’t buy a Premium Battle pass etc.

Is there a way I can give away the Japanese armor I got?


30 games in a week… it’s nothing


Can’t really blame them when they’re all forced to grind challenges that have nothing to do with the objective.

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It’s not like there is any shortage of time to get it, I’m just playing and having fun, it will complete when it does, win some, lose some, that’s how it is

Really??? You’re complaining about having to win right after the reset. You have almost a whole week to knock it out. I’m 1/3rd of the way through and have found the most success on reg quick play.
If you’re concerned, try getting a group together on the discord or the “looking for” if you’re on xbox. This one can very easily be accomplished.
Granted if people actually had their voice chat on it would be so much better. But that’s a whole different annoying issue. Good luck and just keep playing. You’ll get it done.


I don’t really like the challenge/xp system, but this is a great challenge, relatively speaking.

It doesn’t require you to play specific game types, it doesn’t require you to randomly join specific maps, it doesn’t require specific weapons (I played for hours yesterday without getting a map that had the Spanker on it, was very frustrated as 10 rocket kills was my last challenge), and it doesn’t incentivize you to play in some weird, detrimental way.

It has you focus on playing well and supporting your team. I’m not a top tier player, but I already have 14/17 wins, and I’m having fun doing it. I suppose if you only play BTB, then the outcome is more random as it can be harder to have an impact on your team’s performance.

If you’re not very good at the game, then I can see why playing Quick Play or Ranked would make this challenge a struggle, as your performance will drag down your team. So then, your best bet might just be to play BTB and hope your team does well for you.

If you think you’re a good player but your team always sucks, well I suppose it is possible for you to unluckily get matched with bad teams repeatedly, but the more likely thing is that you need to improve your tactics.

It is a challenge after all. Sure, the challenges should not be designed to be overly difficult and should be able to be accomplished by any player that tries, but they shouldn’t just be automatically easy either. Otherwise, what’s even the point of having them?

People keep complaining about teammates “not doing the objectives”, but I play Quick Play a lot, and I really think this is rarely the case. I do think many of the challenges have a negative effect on gameplay, and I would definitely like to see them removed, but overall, it feels like people have been overly exaggerating the problem.

And the problem seems nonexistent in Ranked. In Quick Play, my biggest problem is people quitting, because the bots are horrible and ruin the match, regardless of whether the bots are on my team or the opponents’ team. There are also occasionally people purposefully idling but trying to evade the auto-booter by moving occasionally and stuff. I hate those guys.

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I’m just going to laugh at every one of these posts.

The forums were filled with people complaining about challenges that were too specific and challenges that don’t encourage people to actually play to win games.

And now they give us a challenge that doesn’t require any specific game modes and encourages people to play to win and you still complain!!???


While i understand the fustration since i tend to end up in more losing games I only need 3 more wins

I’m on track for it lol.

I think it’s probably a skill based thing. People are lowly rated so they play with lowly rated people. They get frustrated when the other lowly rated players don’t play the objective how they want them to, but also probably have a skewed understanding of what the team needs to do.

So many people complaining about guys not picking up the Oddball when the whole enemy team pushing lol. Or not trying to recover the flag because the player had the game sense to know the enemy need to be killed before sitting on the flag and getting naded to death immediately.

Of course there are games people don’t do what they need to do but that’s true in every game. The amount of games I’ve had even in Onyx where players focus on the Ball instead of getting Overshield. You need to control the power weapons and work together as much as you need to cradle the ball. Sacrificing 5 seconds of time to gain 20 is usually a wise idea. Not always, sometimes that 5 seconds win the game, it all depends and sometimes you make a bad call. It happens but players judge you on what you fail, not what you were trying to accomplish. I’m just saying people judge people for not playing the objective when they don’t know how to play it themselves.


I play social so. i dunno