Willweuse classic and vehicles weapons in the game

I had to shorten the title due to the 50 letter limit. My question is, will we be able use guns like the plasma repeater, the plasma rifle, sentinel beam, and the needle rifle
And vehicles like the revenant, (people might hate me for saying this) the mantis, hornet, and maybe the interesting variant of the banshee the heretic banshee, I could understand why we would not be able to use them but I love see some of these unused guns and vehicles that didn’t get transferred to the sequels even though some did in halo infinite in the new brand with a new coat of paint. But as for a little side question as well will there be jet packs on the first day on launch or will it be added in later as the game gets more love and probably good content

I hope we get to see em but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it

If not at launch, then perhaps later. Some probably won’t come back at all though. Time will tell :confused: