Will you return if xp cap stays? POLL

im just furious right now and if xp cap stays im gonna be returning this game and playing CoD instead… yeah thats how bad it is so to call attention to this issue i was wondering how many of my fellow halo fans are thinking of doing the same.

Vote yes if you will be returning your game if xp cap stays!

*messed up the poll on this one will be reposting…

I don’ need the game to dangle fun bux in front of me to keep my attention, I’ll stick with it whatever the cap is.

Yes, I will, but it’s just a shame that 343 is discouraging me from playing multiplayer. Honestly? I only got to rank up 5 times today! Four hours!

I never left. It’s really not that big of a deal.

Faith in humanity -1

I’m not so pissed that I would take it back, games are for fun a fake ranking system doesn’t mean anything especially when the next game comes out, but it is dumb and makes challenges pointless.

XP cap doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Crap I misread the question. No I wouldn’t return a game because of an xp cap

i will absolutely return, odds are that honestly the EXP cap will never effect me, i dont have that kind of time in a day. i play maybe 2 or 3 hours a day if im extremely lucky. i can see why it would be an annoyance to the people who can play for 6-8 hours a day. and yeah sure i think it should be lifted, or increased. but no matter which way it goes it really doesnt bother me.

got XP banned
hated it

dont care enough to cry like this. pathetic.

it sucks being punished for wanting to play their game, but im not a -Yoink-.

No, CoD is just to easy to be enjoyable. I remember back when Halo 3 was competing against CoD4 on XBL, everyone who was getting owned in H3 would take a break and play CoD4 since it was such an easy game… it still stands true.

People really feel that vehement about a game that has been out barely more than a day?