Will you guys sacrifice the strict weapon balancing 343i want for Infinite, for the mass arsenal previous Halo games had?

Its easy to see that 343i wanted to try to make each weapon have some form of skill cap to use, and each weapon play slightly different than the other. I think its why they scratched out many other weapons from previous Halo games just to ease the gun-fighting chaos in Infinite. If they ever add another weapon, it will probably be new or revamped to fit the balancing in the sandbox.

But would you guys rather sacrifice all that, and get all the previous weapons we had back for the sake of chaotic fun? Spartan Laser, Rail Gun, Grenade Launcher, DMR, Fuel Rod, focus rifle, carbine, beam rifle, etc? Vehicles Included.


I’d kill for the Spartan Laser to come back, worth the current state on unbalanced vehicles drops like enemy getting a Tank & we get a Gungoose


I think fun should take precedence over balance, but not in an overdone or unbalanceable way. Both in moderation, but emphasis on fun.

That said, I would prefer having a larger arsenal, presuming that the introductions of these weapons would be precluded by a revamped XP system.


Useless clutter doesn’t benefit anyone…


Halo Infinite has strict weapon balancing? News to me. I don’t see any appreciable difference between what Infinite has and past games despite 343 talking a good game prior to release.

Flooding the game with redundant clone weapons isn’t going to fill the void left by Infinite’s lack of actual content. That being said, at this point literally who cares? I’m sure 343 wouldn’t mind winning easy points with the easily impressed and farming desperate Halo content creators with easy “THE MAGNUM/SHOTGUN/WHATEVER IS BACK 343 IS LISTENING!”


It’s a really effective way to distract from the actual issues, so I expect weapons to start coming back starting Season 3, if it doesn’t end up causing the mounting pile of technical debt to turn into an avalanche that destroys the entire game.

To your first point, Halo Infinite’s balance is seriously wonky. The AR and Sidekick are such solid starting weapons that most on-map weapons have trouble competing with them. Would you drop your AR for a Ravager? Pulse Carbine? Commando? Of course not, on a 4v4 map, those weapons are abysmal. Unless it’s a Power Weapon, keeping a proper distance between you and your opponent means that your starting weapons are likely the best weapons on the entire map. The weapons that you can pick up on the map are way too situational and strong in one area, that it ends up damaging the entire sandbox as a result.

Bungie sandboxes were never perfect, but at least it felt like there were genuine reasons to want to divest yourself of your starting weapons for others. They were strong enough to service you for a while, but you do need to swap around for other situations. It felt and flowed much more nicely compared to Infinite’s 4v4 matches that are mostly just Assault Rifles and the occasional Sidekick.


There’s always a balance but there’s always room for fun. I think honestly the whole arsenal should be added but not at once. Continue to balance out the sandbox for fun and keep a selection of guns for competitive.

I cannot agree eith you more. Halo infinite has nowhere near the same amount of chaos and anarchy that h5 had and therefore the social playlists kinda get boring

It’s not often I disagree with the General.

I think both can be done simultaneously. It’s totally reasonable to have a competitively balanced core set of weapons as well as a mess of unbalanced but fun and interesting ones. So long as the latter is kept out of the more competitive spaces.

Tbh, the sandbox right now feels pretty good. If some new less-than balanced weapons were added to BTB, but not ranked I don’t think we’d be the worse for it.


I think adding a variety of weapons would benefit greatly the game

A game need to be fun before being perfectly balanced, if a game is not fun why bother?
Adding all previous weapons to the game will add a substantial amount of diversity and allow the players to express themselves. Some of the weapons will already have their niche fulfilled by another one, this would be an opportunity to add new effect or tweaks to the guns and make them even more unique


i do. haviing both an ar and sidekick feels redundant. even if i had ar/br starts, those weapon pickups still have their uses to surprise the opponent.

id straight up pay to have every new weapon removed and every old weapon including different game variants added in their place.

They don’t seem to grasp the concept that weapons should not be balanced themselves, but the maps should be designed in a way to balance their usage.


We need to have a proper flight to determine this. Just set one up in the near future and add a bunch of new weapons to see how the community likes it.

I’m all for new weapons. New weapons is new content.

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I just want to be able to spartan laser a vehicle while its still being dropped by a pelican so the enemy team wont even get the chance.

How often does that work? I’ve found that dropping either leaves me unprepared for situations that dont fit the extreme niche map pickup weapons fit into.

This is the issue with having starting weapons that are generally useful, because they’re useful in most situations that other weapons arent.

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I don’t know why 343 refuses to open up the Insiders build to anyone that wants to help test new content.

Rare, another Microsoft owned company, has been doing this quite successfully with Sea of Thieves. They even encourage participation by awarding players of the Insiders build with customization content in the release build.

If 343 really wants this to be a successful live service game, they need to provide service that takes into account feedback from actual players. A greater utilization of the Insiders build would be a great start.


you should pick it up if you plan on getting into that niche situation if even for just one kill, then you can pick up the starting weapon again from a dead body. The starting weapons should be the most durable and reliable weapons to use but not so perfect that it makes map pick ups pointless.

Halo imo should be designed around main starting weapons. niche weapons you pick up on the map should be niche weapons. Basically weapons pickups should be slight deviations to your main starting weapons or niche weapons that are more powerful in specific situations.

slight deviations would be like the ar and sidekick. they do the same job but one is more difficult to use but can potentially kill faster. Its boring and annoying to start with both though because you never know which your opponent will use where in past halo games, i had a pretty good idea what type of gun battle i was getting into.

niche weapons like the plasma pistol are really powerful but require thoughtfull planning to set up.

Oh, see, you used that word there that has been band at 343i…, “fun”.

The eSport wannabes made Halo Infinite all about skills. I mean if you want fun, we need to go play one of those other games that the rest of the entire world is playing. Because clearly Halo Infinite is only meant for the egos of a very select few… Opps, I’m sorry, I meant to say the ‘enjoyment’ of a very select few…


List of my favorite guns which are notably absent: Covie carbine, plasma rifle, brute shot which is just mind boggling since this is the first game in a decade to have brutes again, brute spiker also mind boggling, railgun, spartan laser, suppressor, classic shotgun and magnum, SMG, and don’t even get me started on the vehicles.

I don’t really care how redundant the sandbox is, having super cool guns is totally worth it.