Will you buy H5:G cause there are not SplitsScreen

No, I won’t be buying it specifically because they removed splitscreen. I’ll be buying it because I love Halo and the removal of split-screen isn’t very significant to me.

/facepalm just waiting on snicker

(Superman Theme - YouTube) what’s that in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s, it’s SNICKERDOODLE!!!

Yes, of course I am buying it because they removed split-screen.
I like when they remove things. I like when people lose features.

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Do we really need another one of these threads? Good God…

Split screen is not an issue. I have a second XB1 at home paired to a PC monitor. Plus digital copies can be played on both consoles at the same time if you have the “home” settings setup properly and 2 separate XBL accounts.

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> /facepalm just waiting on snicker

I’m here! I was eating dinner.

OP - There’s a splitscreen thread already. Thank you!