Will you be using the Sticky Detonator?

So what do you think of the Sticky Detonator so far?

We haven’t seen much gameplay of this illusive weapon yet but I have made an effort to compile as many of the small glimpses we do have so far:

343 gamplay- First glimpse
MLG gameplay- No love at first sight
MLG gameplay- Maybe next time
Bravo- 1 for 1 (maybe should have got a double kill)
Machinima- A clean kill!

Not exactly the curvetted combat record you would expect from a power weapon. But let’s not be too overzealous it is a new weapon and it is early days. The SD whilst being similar its predecessor the grenade launcher there are some significant differences that mean if you wield the weapon in a similar way to the Pro pipe of old you may come unstuck. A more accurate comparison would be describing the weapon as a C4 launcher.

Weapon info I have been able to surmise so far:

-It spawns with 6 rounds.
-The explosive blast radius slightly bigger than a grenade launcher round but less than that of a plasma grenade.
-Rounds are detonated by a second tap of the RT unlike the GL where you have to hold the trigger down then release to detonate. This means you can change weapons, throw grenades ect. without having to detonate the mine.
-No emp effect.
-Mines can’t be detonated until the mines stick something or until 3 seconds after fired.
-Rounds initially glow gold when fired but once they stick something they appear to barely visible but emit a loud beeping sound.
-Mines are propelled I think slower than GL rounds but faster than a plasma grenade.

Despite all this from what I know about the weapon and have seen I have gotten the impression that when compared to other ordinance bonuses the SD seems to be the most lacking. I can see clear benefits from choosing a Powerup in an ordinance or a Scatter shot, Needler, Energy Sword, Sniper ect. giving a player a significant advantages over a spawn loadout. But the Sticky detonator. I’m not so sure. It seems to be a weapon that might take some time to master. But if you do master it will it be rewarding? If I choose a loadout with plasma grenades and a plasma pistol I can’t see myself wasting an ordinance drop on a SD despite the Grenade launcher being my favourite weapon in Reach. I personally think the weapon needs a bit of a revamp.


  • Arm the mine the instant it is fired so that it can be detonated mid flight so that it can be used as a shield -Yoink!- if you miss the stick.

-Instead of having that annoying beeping sound when the mine is armed have the mine emanate a red light and only have the sound audible if you are practically standing over the mine. That way the mine is easily noticeable and distinguishable so that it can be easily destroyed.

-Have the pistol generate a beeping sound when someone is in the mine radar radius.

What do you guys think? Do you think you will be using the weapon much after the early stages of playing when you are trying out new weapons?

I think I will pass up the SD a lot of the time for a speed boost, scattershot, etc. I think it’s not a very effective weapon.

i could see it being very useful against a team of campers or someone chasing you; the only real downside is the splash damage. It looks almost non-existent. Like you’re suppose to ACTUALLY stick someone to get a kill =/. I think the Rockets are in more danger though. I’ve seen a few videos where it literally landed at a enemy’s feet and didn’t kill them.

Also I remember someone on here played Halo 4 and mentioned that the rockets were completely broken…

I don’t see it being a good offensive weapon really. So I think I’ll pass.

However-I can see it being an effective defensive weapon for setting traps and whatnot.

Its more of a tactical, team based weapon.

That, or mines in a machinima.

I can see it being useful as a pre-empt nade or a cover my retreat nade but I can do that with a nade. It could be used to stick active vehicles but I can do that with a plasma grenade. It could be used a quick stick kill but I can kill someone nearly as quick with noob combo with less demand on my aim. So all that really leaves is setting a vehicle or objective trap and may be camping. I struggling of thinking of much else that would be effective.