Will you be siging up for this Halo 4 Contest

Take a look

Remember you must be 18 or older to win in most cases.

So who is in?


Im not from America.

-Yoink- you 343

Already signed up. But I doubt I will be playing. lol.

Not from USA - thanks again 343/MS for nothing.

I’ll be playing for you guys!

thats awesome mate, if you win do some doughnuts for me as well.

Why, when it asked what country you were from did it not say you couldn’t enter???

Thanks for nothing, again Microsoft -Yoinks!-!!!

Not me I’m not that desperate to stay up until 4 in the morning and get the new challenges and need to get ready for school in an hour for dog tags saying UNSC…ebay is your friend

I can agree with that but I also must say that I am intrigued.