Will You Be At the Midnight Release? (Poll)

I, personally will not be at the midnight release. I’ve been at every midnight release since Halo 2, (other than Halo Wars, which I bought later).

Basically, unless they announce something AMAZING (1-50 rank preferably), I will not be there. I will try this game out still by renting it or borrowing it from someone, to see if I’ll even enjoy it, but I won’t be there excitedly to pick it up at midnight.

It just saddens me that I’ve never debated this with past Halos. And now I’m having doubts.

Who else is in the same boat I am on this?

I wont be at the midnight release because I have to work the next morning. I love Halo, but not enough to miss a day of work for it.

Welcome to maturity, lol, it’ll be fine dude. We should all be glad we’re getting another halo, especially since we really don’t have much info that counts for -Yoink- right now

I actually have a cruise I’m going on in the middle of May with my wife which is taking up my vacation days, but I’ll still be at the midnight launch, just won’t be able to take off the following week afterwards. It’s okay though, I’m getting too old to be playing all night.

I planned on it, until my best local store closed down…

I’m going to be, me and my wife already have the days off =]

i understand your opinion, but is the 50 ranking system the only thing that would convince you to get the game? would the story, campaign, plot or the new characters not convince you to get it?, i dont mean for it to convince you to go to midnight launch i mean to get the game in general.

No. -Yoink- Gamestop. Then again Halo 4 isn’t a day one purchase anymore.

not even god himself will stop me from going…unless i don’t have the gas to get there of course.

I’m going to try to arrange my class schedule for the fall session to make it so I either have no morning classes on Tuesdays, or no classes at all.

I’m hoping to make it for the midnight release, but we’ll see later on.

First midnight release I’ll be going to. Guess I’m picking up OP’s torch.

I’ll be sending my bro over to the midnight release, unless I’m on vacation.

I will not be at the midnight release going out that late to get a video game is not worth it to me. Also the anywhere doing a release that late is a few cities away. I am going to just order it from amazon. They always are on time when ever I order from them. I got halo reach at 10am and have no problem waiting a few more hours to get a copy.

I will most likely be going. I wonder what promotions my local store will be doing. .

Lol, Agreed. l got every halo that came out but the only game I’ve ever got at midnight release was GTA IV, might pick up the torch as well for Halo 4… Just not sure it i can wait til morning XP

I’m going :smiley:

If they are having a midnight launch, then Im preording halo 4 at a microsoft store at the mall of america. Im going all-out for halo 4, so far im greatly pleased with it

I’ve been going to Halo’s midnight releases since Halo: CE. This is the first time I’ll actually be hosting one since I work at Gamestop. (;