Will XP Boosts carry over into Season 2?

I’ve searched online and in these forums so apologies if it’s already been answered and I’m just being blind but I couldn’t find an answer. Do we know if any xp boosts we don’t use in this Battle Pass will carry over into Season 2?

I’ve been using one a week to make the most of new challenges and I’m going to finish this Pass with 18 spare. Will kind of suck if I can’t use them in future…

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I imagine an XP boost is an XP boost regardless of the season. There’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t. If they don’t then that’ll be another black mark in the monetisation box for 343i.

Just checked and there are 4x XP boosts in the last 20 levels (the last one being level 96) so it would be absolutely scandalous if they don’t carry over.

You do raise an interesting question though as I don’t intend to buy the BP, but if I do then it would be after I’ve reached level 100…and I would fully expect those XP boosts to rollover in to Season 2.


To be honest I never thought that the swaps and boosts might be erased. This thought didn’t come to my mind at all. But hey, sadly you are 100% correct. The way 343furries behave from launch until now, there is quite a high chance, that they will delete those items.

I hope and advise them not to do so.

But just relax and let the s***-fest unfold.


What this guy said, if they do then shame shame my next 20 characters


I mean there’s nothing in the shop or item descriptions that say specifically “Season 1 Battle Pass” or “Heroes of Reach Battle Pass” or anything like that, it’s just “Earn 2x XP to your Battle Pass”.

I’ve been going on the assumption that we will be able to use them later on (hence the hoarding!), and as KONSPIRACY says there should be no logical reason why these don’t carry over (especially when people can pay actual money for them), but with how the shop/microtransactions have been implemented so far it’s hard not to be cynical about it.

i had 200 spartan credits and all of my double exp tokens disappear from my account when winter contingency started so i doubt anything will carry over

I have 78 challenge swaps and 15 xp boosts and I’m done with the battle pass… if they don’t carry over to season 2 there’s going to be hell to pay lol

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Mine are still listed, but just can not be used since I finished the pass.