Will We See Ellen Anders?

At the End of Halo Wars 2 we see Ellen Anders slip space traveling on the mini halo ring birthed and harbored previously by the Ark where The Spirit of Fire and Red Team fought Atriox. at the end it shows her with a guardian overhead. do you think Ellen becomes a key player in Infinite? she could use a tactical pulse from a Halo ring to destroy a guardian or even… part of a Halo Ring. What’s everyone think??

I don’t think we’ll see anything from Anders anytime soon, definitely not in Infinite’s main campaign anyways.

Where things currently stand, she’s still on Installation-09 (the third replacement for Installation-04) last we saw from her and Infinite’s campaign seems to only be focussed on Zeta Halo (Installation-07). As unfortunate as it is, I could see her plot thread being tied up in a book, at least with how things currently stand in Halo.

Maybe that could change when Infinite’s campaign is released and we get to see what happens, but I do doubt that