Will We See a Regret Arena Refresh?

I for one would love to see some new weapon setups tested on the map. Instead of fuel we could have beam. I think beam would be an excellent weapon with all the angles and sight lines on regret given it is one of the smallest maps. Hydra could make a come back to this map like in the beta by replacing needler. The needler tunnel position is not too powerful a position for hydra use but it has enough cover in its tunnel to allow hydra to be snagged unnoticed as a counter to beam. OS should be left in its bottom mid position or swapped out for invisibility as it determines the cycles of alternating between power positions and bottom mid for a power up pickup.

I really like the needled and I wish i had more awareness so I could control it like I control the scattershot on other maps. I don’t like overshield being there , especially because it’s in a different place every time with the arena and slayer layouts. Fuel rod is okay as it is and I’d hate to see a sniper weapon as the main power weapon. Just because I suck and most others probably couldn’t use it to it’s full potential.
Snipers have the potential for 12 kills which is crazy but I’d take a sword over one any day because there’s no missing and wasting every hit