Will we keep what we earned (in beta) at launch?

The Halo Waypoint app is currently tracking what items we have unlocked and customization options we have equipped. In addition, the reward for playing 10 games during these flights is a unique player emblem that will be given to us when the game officially launches in December. Given this information, I’m assuming that our stats and playtime are attached to our gamertags/Microsoft accounts, so our inventories might be as well.

Will we be able to keep what we earned on the Season Zero battle pass when the game officially comes out? It would be nice to be able to keep what we have already earned and equipped. I’m assuming the items on the Season Zero battle pass will also be on the Season 1 battle pass, only spread out across the 100 tiers or so and mixed in with the other items that the launch version’s battle pass will have. That way, we are still rewarded for our playtime during these technical previews with early access to these items, but we aren’t given super desirable exclusive armor that nobody else can have (since that’s what the emblem is for).

The same question can be asked for the Weapon Drills star rankings. I would love to keep grinding out those 3 Star rankings for each weapon, but it feels like I should really just wait if none of that data will be saved and present at launch.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!