Will we ever see Blue Team/Kilo Five/Halsey?

I for one would really love to see these characters implemented into this new trilogy. As either in game, or cutscenes. How awesome would it be?

Cheif approaches infinity during level, obvious that the crew has fought off the Promethean defenses, Cutscene triggers

Spartan IVa: We got another hostile, 100m moving towards us through the trees.
Spartan IVb: Get your target spartan.
Spartan IVa: It’s in view, gonna take the- What is that? There’s no way it can possibly be…
Spartan IVb: Oh my god. It’s the cheif. He’s here, he’s still alive!
Spartan IVa: Wait.What if this is one of their tricks? To lure us out of the open?
Cheif walks upto Spartan IVa and picks him up with one hand
Cheif: Do i look still look dead to you?
Drops spartan IVa
Spartan IVb: He’s real! guys! it’s the Cheif! He’s alive after all this time!

Cheif is escorted to the Bridge, has a meeting with Del Rio, and talks about what is going on. Door then opens, and Fred, Linda and Kelly walk onto the bridge

Fred: So. How’s your vacation been?

Cheif and Fred embrace in epic man hung

Cheif: It’s been too long, Frederic.

Breaks embrace

Cheif: I see you’ve kept the two ladies busy then?

Kelly: Oh you know, finding a secret Spartan 3 training facility on a secret planet, planet broke up when somebody blew up a halo ring, got trapped inside a Dyson sphere for months while you won the war-
Linda: Escaping with the ever bickering Mendez and Halsey, and discovering the biggest treasure trove of forerunner tech since the start of the war. Well biggest until this place, anyway.
Cheif: Anything else new?
Fred: These guys, they aren’t Spartan III’s. There the next gen, Spartan IV’s (whispers) We all thought you were gone. ONI listed you as MIA, but nobody really believed you actually was. You’ve become a living legend John, THE symbol of hope. (normal talking) It’s great to have you back sir.

/me telling a rubbish introduction.

I imagined a video phone talk between Cheif and Halsey as well:

Halsey: Look who decided to come back to life again.
Cheif: Nice to see you too, ma’am.
Halsey: Likewise John, how is Cortana?
Cortana: You should know Dr. Halsey, you built me.
Halsey: Yes, so i did. How do you like our new “pets”. May i explain that i had nothing to do with either Mojnir project after your generation cheif.
Cheif: Well, they fight the good fight ma’am, so if they’re on our side then i’m glad for it.
ect… ect…

Kilo 5 could appear as well, with Naomi, but i’ve not thought of any possible dialogue. Maybe the ODSTs could all be jellous of the Spartan IV’s, some refuse the armour for the sake of pride ect…

Do you think these characters will ever tie into the trilogy?

I still wanna know the answer to the age old question:

“Is Caboose Canon?”

> I still wanna know the answer to the age old question:
> “Is Caboose Canon?”

That depends if they tie in Red VS Blue into the new trilogy, or whether it’s a parallel universe :wink:

I would like to see these guys back. It would also be interesting to see how Halsey would react to Cortana and rampancy. The only thing I would complain about with this being in Halo 4 (no probs with 5 or 6) is that this is supposed to be a mysterious new planet. To me, a familiar, welcome back cutscene would damage the atmosphere.

Halsey was arrested, confirmed dead to the public, and is now being held on a top secret station in orbit around Installation 03. You won’t be seeing her, unless you pay a visit to the said station. I doubt Parangosky would allow Halsey to work aboard the newest and most powerful vessal in the UNSC?

T’was a sad day when Gray Team and ‘those dudes off of Halo Wars’ were forgotten by the masses…