Will we ever have bots?

Was just wondering if 343i has considered this?

I have a couple of female friends whom stop by every once in a while, also family friends whom don’t game hardcore. Just casually.

Online is intimidating for them and rightfully so. Spartan ops is cool. Looking for more of a “multiplayer experience” capture the flag, domination, regicide, all these modes… Except with bots, offline, 4 player splitscreen, difficulty settings. Anybody has any info on this?

probably never, i wish we could as much as the next guy, but i dont see it ever happening in the halo series.

I recently made a thread about this because it would be nice if I could actually play the forge maps I make. It’s really hard to get people to play custom games. I spend so much time making this crap and no one wants to play them!

So, I wish for bot’s so that at LEAST i can enjoy my creations. Even if bot’s are available for custom games ONLY and not ranked online games.