Will we ever get Grifball again?

Just wondering if Grifball will ever be released as a multiplayer gametype again? Because if it won’t be I’m just gonna sell the game now and get something else.

Before release they said it was supposed to be a permanent gametype which I was looking forward too. 343 keeps lying to us.

It’ll be out. Just not now.

It is a permit game type, but it’s not in matchmaking yet. who knows whyits not, sooner or later we’ll be able to play it, right now the whole list is f’d up. You can play it in custom games and just invite a lot of people.

Grifball isn’t a centrally run gametype like Infinity Slayer is (thankfully, cus they suck at designing it).

It is a community playlist. So the major community involved with running it (GrifballHub.com) needs to construct their gametypes and maps first, before it can be put in matchmaking. MLG is the same way.

I know a few guys that are working on it, and they’re getting close to the end apparently.

Custom maps, altered gametype with rounds brought back and some altered traits etc.