Will Waypoint track my Halo 2 Campaign?

If I buy Halo 2 (on PC or Xbox), I know I won’t be able to connect to Multiplayer, but will Campaign Mode be tracked in my Career Overview, and will I get points?

Halo 2 Xbox’s servers are offline, and has been for some time now.
Halo 2 Vista isn’t tracked and isn’t supported by waypoint.

Halo 2 for xbox doesn’t have achievements and there are no stats for its campaign. H2V just isn’t tracked in general.

No, Halo 2 is an Xbox original and does not have any features compatable with those of current 360 titles.

You’ll notice that the Guide doesn’t work when playing Halo 2, as it was not designed to run on the 360.

If 343 did a Halo 2 Anniversary, well… :slight_smile:

It’s just that I noticed in Career Overview, under Halo Stats Summary, it shows Halo 2.

It says “This player hasn’t played this game yet.”

I have played Halo 1, 2, and 3, when they came out, just not on this account.

Was wondering if I went back and played them if it would show up on my Career Overview?

If it doesn’t track Halo 2 on Waypoint, what about Bungie.net? Or does it show your Halo 2 status only if you played when the online was available?

But I guess since there’s no achievements, there isn’t much to track. :\

If you played on xbox before the servers were taken down, you could find some of your sats on Bungie.net.