Will Traxus be in Infinite?

We’re making a mod all about Traxus and giving the Traxus engineer a jet pack, a wrench, forge capabilities, a story, and multiplayer…

Just wondering if this isn’t already in the works… would save me a lot of time and MONEY… :pray:t3:

p.s. I wouldn’t be asking if Staten wasn’t back, pretty sure he coined Traxus. And shoot Joe if you’re reading this by any chance please just lemme know what you’d have me do with this. It’s really big, and I just want to do it right.

I’m pretty sure we don’t have a clue as to if this will be in Infinite or not, and 343’s currently dialing down on the amount of spoilers they hand out in regards to Infinite’s campaign and overall story, so it’s likely we won’t have any intended confirmations on stuff like this until they start releasing more propaganda for the launch.