Will they make Limited Editions post launch?

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Cause my D-bag dad didn’t let me get it and now it’s sold out everywhere… so getting it post launch is my only chance.

Should have got it behind his back, get a little reckless :slight_smile:

They might…

> Should have got it behind his back, get a little reckless :slight_smile:

I would if I could drive :confused:

now im just preordereing standard edition from GS to get the bonuses and im not gonna open it, so i could return it for the LE (if there are any)

search your locall stores after launch and gamestop.com somepeople dont pick them up.

They won’t make more LEs post-launch, it was already decided that only a set amount would be manufactured and they have already been made to be sold by retailers.

Your only choices now are either continue scouring the internet for places that still have copies of the LE or wait until someone cancels their preorder/sells their copy post-launch (most likely with higher price).

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Wow you sound like a spoiled brat. This is just a game, show some respect for the man that pays for the roof over your head, your food & water, your xbox 360 and your gold membership. If you call your dad a D-bag, you don’t deserve to get anything from him.

OT: They might make more after launch or they might not. Nobody knows except 343i and MS.


I wouldn’t say that about your Dad. I don’t personally know him or anything and it’s none of my business anyhow. It is just a game, after all.

However, I’m not here to nitpick about what you’re saying, I’m here to answer your question to the best of my knowledge.

I believe, if you hurry during the first few days starting on Nov 6 to grab a LE from their ACTUAL stock, then you’ll be fine. If you take too long though, they will REALLY sell out, and you’ll be out of luck.

See, Pre-orders for stores like Gamestop and Walmart are copies that get shipped EXTRA from the store’s stock that the set in place. That being said, any copies left to be claimed, or leftover from their actual stock are your best bet.

I heard on one other thread like this one that Toys R Us are going to be selling some, but I’m NOT fully sure.

Best of luck getting one!

Unless someone cancels, I don’t think there will be any more. You could try checking ebay after launch.

Someones spoiled…the LE is sold out but you may still be able to get it from Walmart or someplace else. Best bet is Ebay.

> get a little reckless :slight_smile:

Was this a reference to the most recent Red vs. Blue Episode?

OT: Don’t talk about your father like that, if he says you’re not getting the LE, then just live with it, it’s just a game.

it might be limited, not sure. aren’t each limited edition numbered?

No game makes more LE’s after launch.

I got mad at my mom because she didn’t pre-order in time - luckily, we were able to pre-order an LE online at Best Buy. I regret getting mad at her because it was very disrepectful of me, and she’s my mother. I shouldn’t get mad at her over a video-game. Honestly, the only reason I got mad at my mom was because I thought I wouldn’t get the Recruit armor (I thought it was exclusive to the LE then). Turns out everyone gets Recruit armor and starts off with it. The LE just comes with a Recruit armor skin that doesn’t look too noticeable.

Most likely not, sorry.


Hmmm, calling your dad that? And yet you expect him to use HIS money to buy it for you? Yeah, I’m glad he didn’t.