Will they fix the OP banshees in the TU?

The must do this. All they need to do is decrease the bomb radius and frequency(maybe) and ever so slightly increase the plasma cannons

Please fix the banshee

They need to buff the Banshees armour and plasma cannons and reduce the radius on the fuel rod explosion. Also add a recharge to barrel roll/flip because it makes them impossible to take down with rockets/plasma launcher unless the pilot sucks extremely badly (not flipping or moving slowly ect).

I don’t know if they need to buff the banshee armor. I guess they should make them less immune to snper shots

they need to get rid of the infinite flipping and rolling, make it so the banshee can only roll/flip 2-4 times before needing to recarge the boost

They need to buff it because a DMR can down one pretty fast. A standard off spawn weapon should provide some sort of covering fire to vehicles shouldn’t be one of the main anti vehicle weapons.

The banshee kills ppl before they can even get an anti vehicle weapon. That is why dmrs need to hurt them the same way they do now

> They need reduce the radius on the fuel rod explosion…

Even if they did that alone I would be happy. I miss being able to dodge it, if someone fires at you now it basically a death sentence.

If the banshee is killing you that efficiently then that is the fault of you and your team, not the fact that the banshee is a powerful weapon. The only playlist your argument comes into effect in is Invasion, where spawns are easily campable, but even then you spawn with anti vehicle weapons as either side.

Paradiso comes to mind

When the other team has a tank and a banshee you can’t do anytnig

Still your team is at fault here. They managed to lose there Banshee and Scorpion and control of the map. The enemy team is bound to move in on your base(and spawns) and set up for some kills. Grenades do eventually kill the Scorpion and most of the time and (unless the enemy is good) a player on your team can hit the teleporter and camp laser.

That’s just Bungies way of rewarding the other team for gaining map control.

I try to camp the laser but no one ever helps me and even wiht invisiblity the tank and banshee tend to find me first

Yes they need to fix this as well. Make the weapons less powerful on the Banshee, but make the vehicles more durable. Especially the tanks, 11 shots with the sniper kills a tank? Yeah, right. I know it’s for balance, and tanks could become overpowered, but hell, it’s a tank, make it to where it can’t shoot so fast to balance this.

They might be able to and so might. But I do not know, only hope.