Will there ever be split-screen...

I really want split screen and I was wondering if it will ever be in halo 5 or will I have to wait for halo 6. Does anybody know why there is no split-screen and if there ever be one.

They didn’t put it in so they could lock the game at 60 fps.

Probably won’t be put in after the fact. Its just not realistic.

they can not add SS into halo 5, it wont happen until H6 if it does happen also there is already a huge mega thread on this topic

It’s not gonna happen man, sorry. They want to keep that frame rate at 60fps

The common theory is that they can’t put split screen into Halo 5 because the game engine has to run at 60 fps to work properly. But this is not true, because Forge maps can experience framerate drops and the game still runs fine.

That being said, I don’t think 343 is going to add split screen to Halo 5. If they were going to, they would have done it by now. I just really hope they’ll bring it back for Halo 6.

you want 60fps at 1080p? No splitscreen
want what will now feel clunky 30fps at a muddy 720p? You can have the whole world.

bricks vs paint
You want the game to look current gen. you add more paint and less bricks
you want more stuff you can mess with in game? less paint (graphics &fps) and you’ve more bricks (gameplay and features)

Minecraft or the order 1880 you choose

if the Xbone gets more power then we can get splitscreen back.

They won’t. As simple as that.

Hi there. If you’re looking for talk on splitscreen, mozy on over here.