Will there ever be another game this good?

I have played and enjoyed many games in my life, but no game out there means more to me or left as heavy an impact on me as Halo 2.

When I got this game back in November of 2004 I had no idea how amazing the next few years of my life would be. I became obsessed to a level I never have with anything else. Halo 2 became my life when I wasn’t in school. Me and my best friends were so into the game. Every weekend they would stay at my place and we’d play Halo 2 all weekend. Matchmaking, Customs, Glitching in customs. Those nights and memories are to this day my most cherished ones I have. So many fun times, so many memories, inside jokes. We lived for this game!

When I look back at how fun, how perfect, how amazing and magic this game was I always tear up but I am so glad I had those times. I think as long as I live the time from Halo 2’s release until 3 killed it’s population will forever stand as the best years of my life. How can any game top what Halo 2 was? Halo 2 was absolutely perfect. Like all good things it had to come to an end but why so soon? If a genie granted me a wish it’d be to go back and relive the Halo 2 days. I have yet to enjoy or have that much fun with something since. The bonding between me and my friends the amazing game that just never got boring.

I always wonder will any game ever have this much power to it? Be so perfect? I just don’t see it happening.

I feel like Halo 2 will go down in history as the best game ever made.


For me, Halo 2 took the spot of my most-hated game ever made.

Not the worst, but my most-hated.

> For me, Halo 2 took the spot of my most-hated game ever made.
> Not the worst, but my most-hated.

Good luck with that. I suspect you could not beat the game on Legendary, that’s usually why people hate the game. A lot of people don’t like the game for various reasons but to hate it means you’ve got a hangup.

I’m with the OP on this.

Edit: I saw your other post, yeah, they screwed you on CE but H2 didn’t screw you, you are hating an inanimate object.

> I have played and enjoyed many games in my life, but no game out there means more to me or left as heavy an impact on me as Halo 2.

Same. I don’t think it was just the game though, it was also the start of xbox live. We take live for granted these days, back then it was new and shiney and we all sat back in awe. Not to mention there was no private chat or party chat, so the community was alot tighter. You would end up playing the same people every now and then and the rivallry would thrive. The banter at the beginning of the game was always a nice touch and the humilation or sense of achievement at the end would fill the room with so much tension. Back then the games that counted, ie. ranked were like life and death.

Then the social aspects of the game like glitches; hours would pass you by and you wouldn’t realise. Relaxed and chilled with friends. The game catered for everybody.

I don’t think I ever once went onto the bungie forums in frustration to find out what the crack was. That all started in Halo 3, when the franchise started to slip.

No, Halo 2 will always be the best.

Yep. Halo 2 is probably the best in the series evar.

for me my favorite will always be counter strike, its the feeling of its him or me that it gives you, you get one life that’s it and when there’s only one guy left you find yourself cheering for him, its a shame games lost that rush recently

Doubt it i agree halo2 was and still is the best give me that zonealarm

Playing this game on PC with a modded Field of View and a wired controller right now. Best thing that ever happened!

Chief feels like a boss! Very fast movement, the guns are actually more powerful than I remember, and the enemies die quick and effortlessly (by marines). I never had to use cover (on Easy obviously) like in H4!! :smiley:

In my case I can say, what a difference a year makes.

I have only been gaming for 15 months & after picking up a bargain copy of ODST at that time & muddling through it on Normal I was hooked on the Halo franchise & subsequently played 1 through 3 & Reach , pretty much back to back.

They were just single play throughs & all completed on Heroic.

Halo 2 was the stand out toughest of all the games. Particularly noticeable when completing 2 & immediately starting 3. Halo 3 was a relative breeze in comparison & notably easier, albeit on Heroic.

At that time I was relieved to have completed 2 & didn;t really see myself playing it again.

Having played a lot off of Halo 4 on Legendary now & read a lot off remarks about Halo 2 on Legendary being such a beast I have just started it again on Legendary & am looking forward to the challenge !

I think I read somewhere in an online article that playing Gears of War on Insane difficulty & Halo 2 on Legendary are some kind of gaming rites of passage. I am working towards both.

Ultimately I really want to have Halo 4 nailed down as it is the first Halo game I have played from first release date. I am figuring that Halo 2 on Legendary will improve my game.

The wrecking of your shields is noticeably quicker & it confirms it’s status as the toughest Halo campaign already, in my book. So, a year ago I was done with this game & now I am anticipating its challenge!

At the start of the 2 Hangar battles now ready to fully utilise the combo which is the only way to go by the looks of it.

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CE, Halo 2, and 3 were the pinnacle games of the series. We’ve past that threshold of Halo games being about skill and balanced gameplay for more ADD instant respawn instant gratification gimmicks like Reach and Halo 4 have.

We sadly can never go back. Too many kids these days that would be unwilling to try and play a game like Halo 2 because their attention span is so short they’d complain about Halo 2’s menus taking to long to load campaign or some crap.

CE, Halo 2, and 3 were an era of halo we will never see sadly. No one understands us either despite the fact we’ve been playing Halo longer they have yet they believe they are somehow entitled to telling us we don’t understand the new trends and game of halo … oh we understand them, it’s called they are crap.

Halo 2 will always be the greatest game ever made in my opinion. Sadly that time is gone but I will never forget the impact it had on my life

I remember getting Halo 2 at the midnight launch. I’m more of a campaign guy, so I was excited to experience more of that magic from Halo:CE. What I got was a rushed, ugly, and down right boring singleplayer experience. I noticed a LOT more effort went into multiplayer and it kinda pissed me off.

As far as campaigns go, from worst to best:

Halo 2, ODST, Halo 3, REACH, Halo 4, Halo:CE.


Multiplayer was fun though. It almost distracted me from the terrible campaign.

As someone who first started playing Halo in early 2007, and walked into matchmaking with Reach, I flippin’ love Halo 2. I will never have any clue what matchmaking was like (besides “new enough that people forgave the issues”), but Halo 2, IMHO, has the campaign with both the best story and most replayable levels.

People like(d?) to rag on the ending, but the only reason they do that is because it’s so great you can’t help but want more. I credit that mostly to another disliked mechanic, playing as the Arbiter.

This is where Halo really became a standout entity among Video Game universes. No longer was there a simple “you GOOD, aliens BAD,” setup, but instead the Covenant, from the very start, is an organization with a history and character and tons of things that video game bad guys just don’t get a lot.

Also, dual-wielding worked great in Campaign, for some reason. Probably because the enemies didn’t all have BR’s.